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Email sent December 17th
Today, Monday December 17th, is our last day before the holidays...YAY!!
Studio REOPENS Monday January 7th

I would love to take a moment to express such gratitude to YOU, I truly hope that each and every one of you are aware I am just so truly grateful.  I never in a million years thought that my life would lead me to where it is today, running a studio filled with such incredible dancers... having the chance to connect with thousands of dancers over the year and connect with so many families.  I always thought at one point in my life I was going to be a professional dancer.. and then through some "fortunate incidents " (I say fortunate, as even though they weren't, they lead me to this point, which I will forever be grateful for)
SO... thank YOU.. for your unreal belief, phenomenal support, willingness to trust, and just pure awesome energy!  Wishing you a beautiful holiday season, I hope you get a moment to stop, and be with your family and those that are near and dear to you!!

Final Payments
Please send final payments either:
**through your "Parent Portal" using PayPal- if you don't have this option yet, I can email it to you!
**e transfer (must add $2 to your total... example $50 is now $52)

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AND- looking for social media experts!!  Please have your dancer contact me if they are interested in being behind the "Brand" of Vibe on Social Media!!

Calendar for 2019

January 19th- Nursing Home Tour

January 26th- Vibe Role Model Shoot

February 2nd- Dancestreams Odyssey- Royelle

February 8-10th – Battlezone  (all performance level dancers expected to enter- excluded any that are just in BREAK DANCE crews OR Level 1 hip hop techs that don’t feel ready)

February 25thMonday- Contemporary Group 6pm. Sid Williams Theatre, Courtney

February 26thTuesday – Les Fossils- 130pm.  Sid Williams Theatre.  Courtney
March 3- Festival Showcase. Beban Park.
March 25th-April 8th- First competition, Upper Island Festival, Nanaimo.
March 18th-March 31st- Closed for Spring Break
April 1st-6th- First week back after spring break
April 4thand 5th-Artists Emerge- LemonFresh, Royelle and Linnea.Danica.
April- Cultural Awards- Port Theatre.
April 19th-22nd- Closed for Easter
April 29-May 5th-CoreDance- All performance level crews

May 10-12th- Monsters of hip hop- Royelle.  Vancouver, Washington
May 25th/26th - Next Level Hip Hop- select hip hop crews, Performance Levels.
June 6th-8th- Year End Rehearsals and Shows

Saturday June 15th- Auditions for next Season

2018/2019 Placements
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Calendar of Events

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