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What's New

REGISTRATION FOR OUR 13th Season!!!  September 2018 to June 2019

September 5, 6, 7 - 4-7pm

Email for May 2018

Got quite a few important tid bits for you in this email... so take your time... and do your best to read all the way through... pretty please.. with cherries on top.. and whip cream too!!!

Year End Shows, Rehearsals and Photos all are at The Port Theatre.  Dancers enter via back door/side entrance.  This is located at the loading bay, to the LEFT of the theatre when you face the front.

1. Year End Shows
2. Tickets
3. Rehearsals
4. Photos
5. Auditions
6. Last Day of Classes
7. Summer Vibes (summer camps and training)

1. Year End Shows
Orders - officially finalized- posted in ALL studios and on our FACEBOOK PAGE

Monday, May 7th at the Port Theatre
250-754-8550- Box Office
***MUST CALL BOX OFFICE TO SECURE DANCER TICKETS OF $5 - dancers purchase this for any show they would like to watch 
You can also purchase tickets online as well

3. Rehearsal Schedules (always arrive 30min PRIOR to the time)
Posted in the studios (I will do my best in the next week to send custom emails for EACH class that include, arrival times for etc)

4. Photo Schedules (always arrive 30min PRIOR to the time)
Posted in the studios (again, will email this out for you as well)
You are NOT required to purchase a photo, I do ask ALL dancers to be present and get their photo taken with the groups.  
**Please note some dancers that are in A LOT of dances (DG, EMMA, ARACELY, ANWAR, COLBE.... and some others) Check your schedules, you may be required to do a photo in one costume, then change for next group, then tech in previous and then photo.... etc). It all works though, I promise!!)

5. Auditions for crews
This year, due to conflicts with proms etc, we are holding an extra day for Auditions
Monday, June 18th
Cost $10 per dancer
This is for all of our hip hop crews
(official break down of times coming soon!)

**Auditions for Thaiyo's Crews (break dance and locking will be held during his last Wednesday, June 13th.  Times TBD

6. Last week of Classes
Monday June 11th to Saturday June 16th

7. Summer Vibes
We have 3 super fun weeks of dance!!!
July 16th-20th (Mon-Fri)- Hip Hop and Styles of hip hop and TAP
9am-12pm for 6-9yrs $110 for the week
1215-215pm for 3-5yrs $80 for the week
3-6pm 10yrs and up $110 for the week
Prices include GST
Register through myself/office

July 30th to August 3rd
Bohemia Ballet presents a summer camp (3rd season). Ballet/Contemporary and Jazz
930am to 3pm
Level 1 Ages 7-9yrs
Kevin 2 Ages 10-12yrs
$250 prior to May 30th and $275 after May 30th
**Recommended 2 yrs of dance experience**
Contact Ivana at

August 7th-10th (Tues-Fri) Hip Hop and Styles of hip hop and TAP
9am-12pm 6-9yrs 
1215-215pm 3-5yrs
1230-330pm 10yrs+
Register through Parks and Recreation Nanaimo 250-756-5200

Some summer training at Vibe!!
For July and potentially August

5-6pm Dancer Training ($10)
615-745pm Open Jazz Tech ($15)
8-9pm Cardio Hip Hop (for moms/Dads) $10
6-8pm Open BBOY Session ($15)

Depending on interest and attendance, we may offer more.. but this is a start :)

That is it for now!  Be on the look out for the "official emails for year end shows" coming soon... with fun things like:
*tech rehearsals = no watching
*always arrive EARLY
*make up- this is up to parents and is optional for girls and boys (is that the most appropriate way to say it now, without offending anyone?) .... ;)
*costumes- will be handled by your teachers and be on the lookout for that info coming to your email inbox
*hair- teachers will discuss
*new videographer this year!!  super exciting... LEO!!  
which means...
*NO CELL PHONE OR IPAD FILMING DURING SHOWS... unless you want to be beaten by an overcooked noodle.... or tickled severely.....  or worse... asked to leave..... ;(
*some basic rules of etiquette at the Theatre.. do's.. well mostly the don'ts...  
*No eating in theatre.. drinking wine encouraged.. in the lobby!  yay!  
**LOVE me some volunteers to help out at the shows.. see how it is run backstage!!  Super fun!!!

...........Promises to be a super exciting read!!! 


AND THANK YOU... for reading all the way down,...  I so appreciate you!!!  thank you thank you thank you!!!

2017/2018 Placements
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