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It's a LONG ONE... Email Sent Tuesday February 11th 2020

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday to you

1. Battlezone Gratitude
2. OPEN Family Day for class
3. AJ away for next 2 weeks, sub Popping Todd
4. Retirement Homes Performance
5. Social Media
6. Sorry.. I am sick.... ;(
7. Calendar

PLEASE NOTE- in the calendar a lot of it is for our performance levels, so I have broken the calendar in to 2....  first is for ALL dancers... second is just pertaining to Performance Levels. I hope maybe it is easier to read...

1. Battlezone Gratitude
We have some stuff coming up this month, so making sure you are all on track and kept in the loop;). BUT FIRST, a huge thank you to everyone that was a part of our Battlezone event this weekend!!!  For those of you that was your first time watching and figuring out what it was all about, to those that continue to support and show up... THANK YOU!  I am beyond proud of you dancers that jumped WAY outside your comfort zone and battled.. it was so incredibly empowering to see you breaking down walls... stepping up... and just dancing!!  I love that every battlezone guaranteed, we have dancers that just blossom, many surprising themselves as well as us... and it's just such a beautiful thing to witness.  Huge thank you to my one and only momma bear... she is at every event..... Friday until the end, helping with clean up... Saturday for most of it until it got quiet...  I am so lucky to have a mom that is willing to be there, PLUS, it's adorable to see how excited she gets for the dancers too.. cheering them on xxoo.  Thank you to those that ran the concession!!  Leah, Rachel, Sherri, Emily, Mandi and Tasha!!!  

Shout out to you dancers for going for it (and apologies, I might miss a name or two, but gonna try!!):
Sumalee Martinflatt, Leena Sharma, Leeya Sharma, Reid Benedict, Noah Marston, Jacksun Fryer, Sarah O'Brien, Rachel Oman, Paige Richardsen, Chiara Maltby, Deeya Sharma, Grace Johnson, Niko Acton, Linnea Nold, Eden Pothier, Frankie Pothier, Cohen Schick, Lucas Dunbar, Brynn Johnston... and possibly more?
AND HUGE congrats to these 2 dancers for winning their categories!!!
Emma Hildebrandt for U18 Open Styles - saw stuff in there that was just mind blowing Emma... just the beginning there girl... keep pushing!
Armando Servano for U18 Hip Hop- you were on fire..... and just went for it!  So proud of you... just the beginning too!!  LETS GOOOO!!!

And of course, gratitude to AJ.  Over the past 9 years he has brought out incredible dancers from around North America (many whom I have never met) and what a treat it is for our dancers to be exposed to true professionals, doing what they love.. and truly inspiring us all.  We are so lucky to have such an incredible roster of dancers that come every year.  

2. AJ away and Jacksun
just a heads up, AJ and Jacksun are away for the next 2 weeks in LA, filming, so AJ's sub is Popping Todd (someone you should check out on google, as he has done many amazing things in dance and film as well). And Jacksun's sub is the amazing and our very own Linnea :). One of our dancers Deeya is always away too....... :)

3. OPEN Family Day
Just a reminder, we are OPEN this coming Monday February 17th.  I know it is Family Day, however I cannot take every holiday that falls on a monday, there are just too many.  Plus, we are like family at the studio so..... ;)

4. Retirement Homes Part 1
We will be performing this Sunday, February 16th at 2 homes in our community, so excited!  Featuring:
Leena and Leeya Sharma, Sarah O'Brien, Jorja Moore, our Freshest Kidz and Royal Fireworks (Ivana's Thursday 6-715pm ballet)

5. Social Media
I do post more on our social media so be sure to check it out:
Instagram: @vibenanaimo @serrastewart
Facebook: @serrastewart and our Facebook group:

6. Serra's sick ;(
And just a quick note, I was able to work through the weekend, however monday my body shut down, this virus is brutal. And even though I thought I was a bit better to come in today... mom's do know best and I have been advised to stay home one more day. So sorry to miss my classes tonight!!!  But I do have subs lined up :)


February 17th Family Day- Studio is OPEN
March 16th-29th. Spring Break Studio Closed
April 10th-13th. Studio Closed for Easter
May 18th Victoria Day- Studio is OPEN
June 4th, 5th, 6th. Year End Shows at Port Theatre – Please make note of these days… rehearsals and photos happen during the day.. during school hours….
June 8th-13th. Last week of classes

VERSION 2 for performance levels

February 16th Dancers perform at Berwick on the Lake and Origins on Longwood (Retirement Homes)
February 23rd- Ivana’s Thursday Ballet (6-730pm) compete at North Island Festival of Performing Arts.
February 23rd- Rehearsal at studio for ALL performance level dancers.

$5 per dancer

Dominique's Monday Crew "Movement Makers" (Mondays 330-6pm)
Thaiyo's "Freshest Kidz" (Wednesdays 430-530pm)
Chris's "Cool Beans" (Tuesdays 330-445pm)
Victor's "Nanaimo City Breakers (Thursdays 715-815pm)

Thaiyo locking "MonstaLock"
Elwin's Crews Thursdays 330pm "SOLDIERZ"/445pm "PARTY JAMZ" /6pm "No Stylist"
Carlo's Crews Saturdays SEQWANZ/Zumska/Royelle and JP "5G"
AJ's Brobots and Girlbots
Marc's Make strong Normal "This is Me"
Chris's "LemonFresh" 


February 28th. NIFPA- Courtenay. All our performance level crews.  Please contact me if unsure of schedule
March 1st. Dancers perform at Nanaimo Memory and Complex Care and other Retirement homes.
March 3-9th UIMF. Competition for our performance level crews at Beban Park.
March 3rd- 1pm Session Avary Dyce Solo
March 6th- 9am Session "Royal Fireworks"- Ivana Thursday 6-715pm Ballet
March 9th, Monday- all of our street dance:
9am Session
Deeya Sharma 
Freshest Kidz
No Stylist (Please note as Sumalee is in both of Freshest Kids and No stylist, I am trying to move No stylist up a category)
Brynn Johnston 
Brookelyn Chalmers
Charlie and Willem White
Noah Marston and Eden Pothier
Jorja Moore and Sarah O'Brien
Tyrus Olafsen

1pm Session
Cool Beans - Chris Boys Tuesday 330-5pm
Make Strong Normal "This is Me"
Leena and Leeya SHarma
Sumalee Martinflatt and Armando Servano
Nanaimo City Breakers (please note as this is back to back with MonstaLock I am working on moving it around so time to change)
Movement Makers - Dominique Monday 330-445pm

March 16th-29th. Spring Break Studio Closed
March April 3rd. Artists Emerge competition for Royelle
April 10th-13th. Studio Closed for Easter
April 18/19. Surrey Festival for performance level crews
May 2nd-8th. Core Dance in Nanaimo. Competition for Performance Level Crews
June 4th, 5th, 6th. Year End Shows at Port Theatre – Please make note of these days… rehearsals and photos happen during the day.. during school hours….
June 8th-13th. Last week of classes
Saturday June 13th. Auditions for next season

That is it!  Thanks for reading and wishing you a beautiful day



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Calendar of Events

February 23rd. North Island Festival of Performing Arts (NIFPA). Royal Fireworks-Ivana's Ballet group.  3pm Session

February 23rd.  In studio rehearsal for all performance level hip hop and break crews.

February 28th- NIFPA  Sid Willams Theatre, Courtenay.  Competition for our performance level crews.

March 3-9thUIMF.  Beban Park.  Competition for our performance level crews

March 16th-29th.  Spring Break Studio Closed

March April 3rd.  Artists Emerge competition for Royelle

April 10th-13thStudio Closed for Easter

April 18th/19th- Surrey Festival of Dance.  Competition for Select Performance Level Crews

May 2nd-8thCore Dance in Nanaimo.  Competition for Performance Level Crews

June 4th, 5th, 6thYear End Shows at Port Theatre – Please make note of these days… rehearsals and photos happen during the day.. during school hours…. 

June 8th-13thLast week of classes

Saturday June 13th- Auditions for next season


Congratulations to Royelle : 1st Place Varsity Battle - Artists Emerge Dance Competition

The first minute of the video is muted because of a copyright infringement claim. Full volume after first minute.