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Hello and Happy Wednesday February 13th

The studio will be CLOSED for regular classes this evening... HOWEVER

ME (Serra) will be at studio

Offering an open DANCER TRAINING class for any dancers keen to:
Workout- HIIT style
Strength work
Freestyle/Hip Hop Grooves
And just have a good time

I know kids are getting restless (As am i) so figure this is a safe option for those wanting to dance.  

Just an fyi, the main reason of closing today is due to my 3 incredible teachers travelling from Vancouver.  For them going home, they return on 845pm ferry.. and then have to either drive or bus anywhere from 1.5-3hr commute... so travelling in icy conditions after 10pm...  As they all need to be back in Vancouver tonight, I don't think it's fair of me to ask them to come out.  I am also aware that many are not comfortable, especially later in the day, on the roads or might still be stuck!!  As well, looks like Thea too is also stuck today :(

SO... if you can SAFELY get to studio.. come dance with me!!  330-5pm

Now.. the good stuff!!

#yourvibestory Dancer #7

Sala Alvarez

Okay, if you’ve met me you will know that I am EXTREMELY weird, but dance accepts me for that.  It allows me to be weird like the Salal soup bowl for instance that is an EXTREMELY weird dance.  Dance has made my life easier, if I’m sad I dance, if I’m mad I dance and if I’m happy I dance!  I mean I got in an argument with a friend because I “dance around too much and it’s annoying”, but that doesn’t bother me because it’s MY way of expressing my feelings. In conclusion, dance has made my life easier, happier and AWESOME!!

Wishing you a wonderful Snowy Day!

Sending love and gratitude to you



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Studio Calendar
February 25thMonday- Contemporary Group 6pm. Sid Williams Theatre, Courtney 
February 26thTuesday – Les Fossils- 130pm. Sid Williams Theatre. Courtney
March 3- Festival Showcase. Beban Park.
March 18th-March 31st- Closed for Spring Break
April 1st-6th- First week back after spring break
April 4th-Artists Emerge- LemonFresh, Royelle and Linnea.Danica.
April- Cultural Awards- Port Theatre.
April 19th-22nd- Closed for Easter
April 29-May 5th-CoreDance- All performance level crews May 10-12th- Monsters of hip hop- Royelle. Vancouver, Washington
May 25th/26th - Next Level Hip Hop- select hip hop crews, Performance Levels.
June 6th-8th- Year End Rehearsals and Shows

Upper Island Musical Festival-Dates (held at Beban Park)
March 25th- 630pm Session- "Growing Curiosity"- Lisa Contemporary Group
March 27th- 1pm Session- Carmen Doumont "The Ending"
March 29th- 630pm Session- Alyssa Ali "Run Away Baby" and Animation Station Part 2 - AJ Monday 530pm Crew
Saturday March 30th- 9am Session- Julia Berkopec "Stone Cold"
Saturday March 30th (ALL OF OUR HIP HOP/BREAK DANCE/LOCKING Performance Crews)
1pm Session:
The Gridness (Carlo Sat 1pm)
Leena and Leeya Sharma "Cooking with Sharma's"
Olivia Lintott and Sumalee Martinflatt
Camryn Ebach and Samantha Yoachim "X2"
Deeya Sharma "Robotic Emotions"
LemonFresh-Jp Tuesday 430pm
Brynn Johnston and Jorja Moore "Groovy Girls"
Brookelyn Chalmers and Aili Wilson "m0nEY $$$"
"Steady Funk"- Thaiyo Wed 530pm Locking Jr
Danica Fayant and Linnea Nold "On the DL"
"10 Points" Stu Monday 445pm Crew
"Motion Sickness "Stu Monday 330pm
Kalen Alexandre and Marcus Georgeson
Emma Hildebrandt and Jacob Rosenau
"Nanaimo Lockers" Thaiyo Tuesday 330pm Sr Lockers
"N.D.S (No Dead Space) Stu Monday 6pm Crew
"Freshest Kids" Thaiyo Wednesday 430pm
Aracely Gonzalez "Break Free"
Jacob Rosenau 
Taylor Hewlin "Automatic Part 3: The Final"
"Nanaimo City Breakers" victor Thursday 615pm
"Bad Girls" Elwin Thursday 330pm
"Zumska" Carlo Saturday 1130am
"The Good Fellas" JP Tuesday 330pm
"Fight Night" Elwin Thursday 6pm
V2- JP Tuesday 6pm
"Everybody Mad" Elwin Thursday 445pm

Sent with immense love and gratitude



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