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Hello and Wishing you an incredible Sunday December 10th

Sending so much gratitude to you all as the holidays are coming upon us.  Thank you for signing up, thank you for showing up, thank you for supporting your kids with dance and thank you for supporting all of us at Vibe :)

Reminder, this is our last week of classes.  We will have our final day
Monday December 17th 

This week it's parent participation!!!  You read that correctly.. parent participation is encouraged, however I guess I can put chairs out..... lol ;)

Studio will be closed December 18th through to January 6th
Studio reopens Monday January 7th

Dancers of the week
Shout outs to...
Aili Wilson- Carlo would LOVE to recognize you!
Olivia Rockall- Elwin would love to see you acknowledged for all your efforts!!

Payment Reminders
Please don't forget to get your December fees in before the 15th.  For those who haven't been able to look through my studio policies and info you can find that info here:

For fees basically we take the cost for the total number of classes you would have for the year and divide that evenly over the 10 months (September to June). It's like an equal payment plan you might have with Bc Hydro for example.

Studio Calendar
December 10th-15th- Parent Participation Week
December 17th- Last day of classes
January 7th-12th- First week back
January- Break Dance Battle Event
February 8-10th - Battlezone
March 3- Festival Showcase. Beban Park.
March 25th-April 8th- First competition, Upper Island Festival, Nanaimo.
March 18th-March 31st- Closed for Spring Break
April 1st-6th- First week back after spring break
April 1-7th-Artists Emerge- select crews performance levels.
April- Cultural Awards- Port Theatre.
April 19th-22nd- Closed for Easter
CoreDance- All performance level crews
May 25th/26th - Next Level Hip Hop- select hip hop crews, Performance Levels.
May- Monstars of hip hop- select crews, Performance Levels.
June 6th-8th- Year End Rehearsals and Shows- Studio closed these days for regular classes. All at the Port Theatre.
Saturday June 15th- Auditions for next Season

2018/2019 Placements
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Calendar of Events

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