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Hello and Wishing you an incredible Saturday!

We have Kiana Smith here this coming Saturday, December 7th for her workshop.  With those that have expressed interest we can do one workshop.

$20 per dancer
Please bring your payment this week.


I posted on my social media this week, looking for assistance at continuing to build my on-line presence and I was told that I should reach out to my studio family for help... so.......

In your ever busy lives, if you have a moment to share a review on one (or both) of these platforms, I would be forever grateful, or a rating too?

On Google:
vibrant studios (vibe)

And here is the page for Facebook

BUT, I don't like just asking and not offering in return, so for every review I see I will put that name in a hat, drawing for some give aways AND any of you with your OWN local business, please let me return this favour. I would love to say something about you too!!

ALSO- I am always working to better what I offer, so if you have some feedback for me, constructive or suggestions, please don't hesitate to shoot me back an email or if you prefer text - 250-616-2726 OR on Facebook OR Instagram too.

Wishing you a lovely weekend!!

Don't forget to follow us

@vibenanaimo OR @serrastewart

Sent with such love and gratitude!!  I know I say it all the time, but I truly know, deep down, that without this studio and all that have come through the doors, and those that continue to do so, I would be so lost in life.


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Apr 24th, 2015

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Sept 8, 2014

Our own Luke McNicoll is training up for a major dance competition in Germany.
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Calendar of Events

December 2nd to 7th- Parent Participation Week

Monday December 16th- Make Up classes for Missed Monday

Tuesday December 17thFirst day of Winter Break

Monday January 6thFirst day back after Winter Break

January 25th BBOY battle at studio

February 14th-16th - Battlezone… more info coming

February 22nd- 29th- North Island Festival of Performing Arts.  Sid Willams Theatre, Courtenay.  Competition for our performance level crews.

March 3-13thUIMF.  Beban Park.  Competition for our performance level crews

March 16th-29thSpring Break Studio Closed

March 30thto April 5thArtists Emerge competition for Royelle

April 10th-13thStudio Closed for Easter

April 18th/19th- Surrey Festival of Dance.  Competition for Select Performance Level Crews

May 2nd-8thCore Dance in Nanaimo.  Competition for Performance Level Crews

June 4th, 5th, 6thYear End Shows at Port Theatre – Please make note of these days… rehearsals and photos happen during the day.. during school hours…. 

June 8th-13thLast week of classes

Saturday June 13th- Auditions for next season


Congratulations to Royelle : 1st Place Varsity Battle - Artists Emerge Dance Competition

The first minute of the video is muted because of a copyright infringement claim. Full volume after first minute.