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What's New

Hello and Happy Sunny Monday to you!!

Within this email:

1.Dancers of the Week
2. SummerCamp
3.Year End Show INFO
4. COREDANCE Schedule
5. Year End Show ORDERS

Dancers of the Week:
Mikayla Carson- Kim would love to see you recognized for all your hard work in her class!!

Serra's WHOLE Tuesday 745pm.  For inspiring me, motivating me, and reminding me why I love to dance!!  I will bring some treats for you :)

Looking for something to do over the summer holidays with your kids?  A fantastic summer camp run by Thaiyo is available!!
You can get info here:

Camp 1: July 3-July 7, 2017
Camp 2: July 17-July 21, 2017
Camp 3: July 31-August 4, 2017
Camp 4: August 14-August 18, 2017
Camp 5: August 28-Sept. 1, 2017

Early Bird (before June 30): $275.00 + GST / dancer 
After June 30: $300 + GST / dancer

Sibling Discount: 10% off / family
2nd Camp Discount: 10% off after 1st camp
Limit of 25 dancers per camp.

Year End Shows
I have done orders and they have been posted in ALL studios.  I will put on this email as well....  you will have to scroll down to find, so might be easier to come in and check :)
For all shows, if your dancer is in first half, 60min prior to show time (6pm for evening shows and 1pm for afternoon show)
If dancer in second half of show, 30min prior to show please
**I will email when tickets are on sale- all thru Port Theatre
***DANCERS wishing to perform their solo/duet.. MUST SUBMIT their answer by May 1st!!!

CREWS**  arrive 30min prior to your session time**
April 24th 
4pm Session
#102 Julia Berkopec “She used to be Mine”- 450pm
#112 Emma Hildebrandt “Home” 523pm
730pm Session
#136 Anika Trimmer “Body Gold” 733pm
#152 Claudia “Uncertain Objective” 827pm
#166 Claudia “Missile” 912pm
#172 Cypress Fryer “Soundclash” 931pm
April 25th
2pm Session
#263 Cassidy Brown “Get My Name” 247pm
8pm Session
#350 Claire Pearce “I Know Girls..” 925pm
April 26th
530pm Session
#487 Claudia “Unkown” 607pm
#490 Cypress Fryer “Model Behavior” 617pm
#506 Cypress and Makenzie ‘DNA” 713pm
8pm Session
#523 Claudia “Angel by the Wing” 839pm
#525 Anika Trimmer “Kiss Me” 846pm
April 27th- All hip hop
9am Session
#535 Jenna and Deeya “Best Friends” 9am- dance ahead
#539 Andrew and Wyatt “Planet Bboys” 914am
#540 Deeya, Noah and Ryza “Mechanical Midgets” 917am
#547 Thesis – Carlo Saturady 11am - 944am
#548 Joy- Elwin Thursday 6pm- 949am
#554 Freshest Kidz- Thaiyo Wednesday 5pm- 1012am
1115am Session
#556 Nanaimo City Breakers 1115am- dancing ahead
#557 Mikayla Carson “Pleasantville” -1120am
#559 Jacksun Fryer “All the Way…” -1127am
#560 Colbe Marrs “apprentice” - 1131am
#561 Kennedy Jessome “Catch my Breath” -1134am
#565 Brooklyn Chalmers is baby Harley - 1148am
#569 Branded- Elwin Senior Crew Thursday 330pm- 1202pm
#571 V2 12:11pm
#575 Esme and Mikayla “Waacking Flaakin’ Flame” 1230pm
#576 Carlow and Jacksun “Young Hittaz” 1233pm
#580 Track 6 – Stu Monday 445pm – 1247pm
#553 Next to 9- Stu Monday 330pm- 101pm
#585 Shilo and Dace “Dynamic Kidz” 117pm
2pm Session
#588 Nicole “princesa” 206pm
#589 DG “Funk Machine” 210pm
#591 Claudia “Unkown” 217pm
#592 Cypress “Click Clack” 220pm
#595 Kyan and Taylor “Team Terminator” 231pm
#596 Taylor and Lavi “Straight West Coast” 234pm
#597 Anwar and Luke “Bluke and Whanwar” 238pm
#598 Corbin and Linnea “Super Rockin’” 241pm
#602 Anwar and Jacksun “Hella Groove Sauce” 252pm
#606 Maryn and Danica 305pm
#608 Taylor Hewlin “Automatic” 312pm
#609 Cara Pattison “Crazy Formation” 316pm
#611 Anwar Ali is Legend of the Lost Boy- 323pm
#612 Claire Pearce “Keh’laire” 326pm
430pm Session
#617 Nanaimo City Lockers 430pm- dancing ahead of their category
630pm Session
#638 Beatkillaz 630pm
#640 Realness 641pm
#642 Two Five Oohh 657pm
#643 The Message 702pm
#646 Royelle 716pm
#651 NCAA 741pm

Friday April 28th
7pm Session
#572 I Found- Maiko Contemporary 852pm


  Year End Shows 2017
  Friday June 9th
  Performance Level Focus
1 Nanaimo City Breakers-Thaiyo Wednesday 330pm
2 Crazy Formation "Cara Pattison"
3 Maiko Tuesday 445pm contemporary 6yrs+
4 Marina Friday 6pm 11yrs+ girls hip hop
5 Uncertain Objectives "Claudia"
6 Claudia Wednesdays 630pm hoofin
7 Team Terminator "Kyan and Taylor"
8 Next to 9-Stu Monday 330pm
9 DNA "Cypress and Mackenzie"
10 Dora Wednesdays 630-730pm teen hip hop
11 All the Way "jacksun Fryer"
12 I Found- Maiko Contemporary
13 Super Rockin' Corbin and Linnea
14 Nanaimo City Lockers- Thaiyo Wednesday 6pm
15 Track 6-Stu Monday 445pm
16 Branded-Elwin Thursday 330pm
17 Realness- Carlo Saturday 130pm
18 Maiko Tuesday 715pm contemporary 9yrs+
19 The Message-Stu Monday 715pm
20 Royelle- Carlo Saturday 3pm
21 Anwar Ali Legend of the Lost Boy
22 Emma Wednesdays 430pm intro 10-12yrs girls hip hop
23 I Know Girls "Claire Pearce Contemporary"
24 Young Hittaz "Jacksun and Carlow"
25 Maiko Monday 6pm Contemporary 12yrs+
26 Automatic "Taylor Hewlin"
27 Bluke & Whanwar "Luke and Anwar"
28 Beatkillaz-Carlo Saturday 12pm
29 Straight West Coast "Taylor and Lavi"
30 Thesis-Carlo Saturday 11am
31 Dynamic Kidz "Shiloh and Dace"
32 V2
33 Click Clack "Cypress Fryer Hip Hop"
34 Dora Wednesday 730pm house
35 Freshest Kidz-Thaiyo Wednesday 5pm
36 NCAA- AJ Wednesday 7pm
  Saturday June 10th
1 Track 6- Stu Monday 445pm
2 Claire Friday 430pm hip hop 3/4yrs
3 DG Saturday 935am hip hop 5/6yrs
4 Funk Machine "DG Hattingh"
5 Serra Tuesday 510pm hip hop 3/4yrs
6 Thaiyo Tuesdays 330pm bboy 6yrs+
7 Inspector Gadget- Jacob rosenau
8 Luke Saturday 1145am BBOY
9 Dora Saturday 1130am hip hop 7yrs+
10 Pleasantville "Mikayla Carson"
11 Claire Friday 330pm hip hop 9yrs+ girls lvl 1-3
12 Joy
13 Ivana Thursday 330pm level 1 ballet
14 Brooklyn Chalmers is Baby Harley
15 Nanaimo City Lockers
16 Mechanical Midgets "Deeya, Noah and Ryza"
17 Marina Monday 630pm hip hop 7yrs+
18 Cassidy Brown Solo
19 Dora Wednesday 530pm lvl 1-3 hip hop 9yrs+
20 Thesis
21 NCAA-AJ Animation Crew
22 Home "Emma Hildebrandt"
23 Marina Monday 530pm Jazz
24 Waaking Flackin Flame- Mikayla and Esme
25 Marina Monday 330pm lvl 1-3 girls 10yrs+ Hip Hop
26 Thaiyo Tuesdays 630pm Locking tech 12yrs-
27 Hella Groove Sauce "Jacksun and Anwar"
28 Elwin Thursday 715pm teen hip hop
29 Branded
30 Best Friends "Deeya and Jenna"
31 Claudia Wednesdays 545pm Taster
32 Ivana Thursday 715pm lvl 3 ballet
33 Apprentice "Colbe Marrs"
34 Emma Wednesdays 330pm intro 7-9yrs girls hip hop
35 Next to 9- Stu Monday 330pm
  Saturday June 10th
1 The Message
2 Serra Wedfnesday 330pm 4yrs+ hip hop girls
3 Keira Saturday 955am 3/4yrs ballet
4 Princesa "Nicole"
5 Keira Saturday 9am 5/6yrs ballet
6 Thaiyo Tuesdays 430pm bboy 6yrs+
7 Planet Bboys "Andrew and Wyatt"
8 Serra Tuesday 330pm hip hop girls 5/6yrs
9 Marina Friday 715pm Teen Hip Hop
10 Keira Saturday 1035am junior ballet 4yrs+
11 Thaiyo Thursday 330pm bboy 6yrs+
12 Dora Saturday 1030am hip hop 4yrs+
13 Keira Saturday 1130am junior ballet 6yrs+
14 Serra Tuesday 420pm hip hop boys 5/6yrs
15 Thaiyo Thursday 615pm bboy intro 9yrs+
16 Keira Friday 630pm tap 6yrs+
17 Serra Wednesday 5pm 7yrs+ hip hop
18 Serra Wednesday 415pm 6yrs+ hip hop boys
19 Freshest Kidz
20 Beatkillaz
21 Serra Tuesday 545pm 7-9yrs girls hip hop
22 Marina Monday 430pm lvl 1-3 Hip Hopgirls 7yrs+
23 Thaiyo Thursday 415pm 11yrs+ intro bboy
24 Keira Friday 730pm tap 10yrs+
25 Catch my Breath "Kennedy Jessome"
26 Thaiyo Tuesday 530pm lvl 2 bboy
27 Marina Friday 445pm jazz
28 Serra Tuesday 745pm lvl 1-3 hip hop 11yrs+
29 Body Gold "Anika Trimmer Contemporary"
30 Joy-Elwin Thursday 6pm
31 Marina Monday 730pm teen hip hop
32 Serra Tuesday 645pm 10-12yrs girls hip hop
33 Thaiyo Thursday 515pm lvl 1-3 hip hop boys
34 She Used to be Mine "Julia Berkopec"
35 Thea Friday 6pm intro teen hip hop
36 Next to 9- Stu Monday 330pm

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