Vibrant Studios is Nanaimo's Premier Hip Hop and Break Dance School.


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Wednesday February 8th



REMINDER- Monday February 13th- Family Day.  Studio is OPEN!!  "We.. are Family..."


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Office Hours
Monday to Friday 3-8pm
Saturdays 930am-4pm
Reminder- for payments- cash OR cheque.  You can do e transfer, but unfortunately my bank charges, so you have to add a $2 fee....

Just a gentle reminder, try to use the back parking lot, especially as it's getting darker out.  Boxwood Rd is a busy street... !!!

Please... all hip hop and break dancers (BBOY)  NO OUTSIDE SHOES ON THE FLOOR....  We really need to teach the dancers to respect the space... plus I don't like working in dirt, gravel and such....


February 10th/11th- Battlezone                                                                                                                                                       February 10th- no regular classes.  Except Parks and Recreation will run.
March 7th-18th- Upper Island Music Festival.  Beban Park                                                                                                           March 19th. Festival Showcase.  Beban Park
Monday March 20th to Sunday April 2nd- Spring Break. STUDIO CLOSED                                                                                      April 2nd. Sunday.  In studio practice all performance level crews                                                                                                   April 7.  Victoria Festival
Friday April 14th to Monday April 17th- Easter.  STUDIO CLOSED                                                                                                  April 27th Street Section Core Dance Port Theatre
May 6/7 Next Level.  Vancouver.
Saturday May 27th- In Studio Performance for our 3-6yrs Dancers (practice before Port Theatre) 6pm.                                          
End of May- BBOY Competition.  Vancouver (Thaiyo's BBOY Crews)                                                                                            June 8-10th- Year End Rehearsals and Shows.  Port Theatre.                                                                                                         Monday June 12th to Saturday June 17th- Last week of Classes and Placements. And Bring a Friend to Dance Week.                    June 23rd.  Friday- Make Up classes for Missed Classes February 10th



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