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Info for July/August 2019


with.... Thaiyo and ME (Serra)
July 22 - 26
$78.75 per day. 
(prices include GST)

August 6-9th                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Parks and Rec Dance with Vibe Camp - Register through Parks and Recreation Nanaimo.

3-5yrs 1215-215pm $75

6-9yrs 9am-12pm $110

10yrs+ 230-530pm $110

Schedule and Placements for 2019/2020 Season
This will be up by August (or sooner...but no promises lol)

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2018/2019 Placements
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Congratulations to Royelle : 1st Place Varsity Battle - Artists Emerge Dance Competition

The first minute of the video is muted because of a copyright infringement claim. Full volume after first minute.