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All classes are ONLINE with ZOOM, contact me for details (serra)


Wishing you a wonderful Sunday!!  I hope you are doing well, surviving... not going to crazy... and I am truly grateful to have you still dancing... THANK YOU!!

We will be prepared to open as of Monday June 1st.  However, just a few things:

What to expect with studio opening:

1. I won't be running any of the 3/4yrs classes in the studio.  I just don't think it is realistic to ask them to stay in a  As much as I would LOVE to see them
2. For the 5yrs and up (all ages) dancers only attend if the parents are comfortable and ok with it.  We will be continuing to utilize ZOOM for ALL classes and working on making it even better come September.  I do NOT expect any dancer to come in unless parents feel that it is safe to do so
3. We have spaced out studios, and they don't allow for more than 9 dancers currently in the larger studios and 7 in smaller.  So, this means we will rotate some classes where they come in one week, next week on ZOOM... (I am connecting with other studios across the island and the mainland to get a feel and see how they are doing it too)
4. I will be sending out personalized email to EVERY class this week, letting you know how it will look for your specific class (es). As some classes have been moved to different studios, some classes have to start a bit earlier or a bit later to make it all safe.
5. I know this is still not ideal... and honestly...I cannot wait to be able to just see you all again, but for now, we want to make it safe for all, and try to bring some connection back in to your dancers lives.
6. How the schedule has been adjusted now, allows for studios 1 and 3 to operate similar hours and studios 2 and 4 similar.  This way the entrance and exits to studios are distanced a part very well.  When you come to studio, entrance will happen at the front (as per usual) there will be color spray painted symbols on the concrete directing you to your studio (spaced 6 feet a part). For exiting, it will be out the back. Thankfully at this point in the season, we can keep doors open and take advantage of opening all garage doors to really allow for excellent air flow.  There are sanitization stations located upon entry AND exit.  AND, each studio has its very own bathroom and sink set up.

When does studio wrap up and fees:

We only run for 2 weeks in June (as per usual, our season always wraps after the year end shows...sigh... ). So this really is a chance for us to test it out, and then for me to be able to better plan the schedule for the fall, allowing for no overlap of classes and such.  Final Day is Saturday June 13th
As far as fees go, we do take the total amount for the season and divide it evenly among the months (September to June). It is like an equal payment plan and I mainly do that to A) keep monthly rates lower and B) allow me to better budget for the summer ... thanks to my bookkeeper...aka DAD!!  
We will apply the small discount towards June and PLEASE communicate with me if you have any issues with payment or delays, I am HERE and listening always

***regarding performance levels and auditions. Currently discussing with faculty.  At this time, I don't see the benefit of putting kids through a "zoom" audition, and instead am discussing with faculty how best to place dancers.  As well, with this uncertainty of not knowing about performance opportunities for next season (like community events, fundraisers, cultural awards and competitions) I wonder about having so many crew options...  just thinking out loud here.

Our Faculty:
Currently in Vancouver:

(as well Eric, Lavinia and Marc, but they are not continuing their classes at this time)
They will not be able to travel over for this, so I have arranged assistants for classes, either myself, Cody or AJ at this time will be present in the room.  I am hopeful that come the fall, they will be allowed to travel again.

For our Nanaimo Faculty (Ivana, Hailey, Marissa, AJ, Anika, Cody, Leah, Linnea, Jacksun, Esme, Erica), whom I meet with tonight via ZOOM, some have concerns of working with little ones (say under 10yrs) so we might decide its best to continue them on ZOOM too.

Thank you again, for just being the most AWESOME and SUPPORTIVE community... ever....  just truly beautiful you all are.  


**Please keep your eyes out, as Thaiyo, AJ and myself will be offering some fun kid camps (max limit 9 kids) to keep dance going over the summer.
**AND... Ivana will also be offering her ballet/jazz summer intensives too!

Free class this week!

Eric will be teaching a fun ZOOM class FREE for your Vibe dancers this
Wednesday, May 27th
This is geared towards 10yrs and up 

Message me for INFO

PS- You are all still welcome to try another style of class OR different teacher on me... just let me know and we will find something for your dancer.

Dancers of the week!!!

(almost forgot to add in)
Ryan Faganello- DG would love to recognize you as you never stopped working hard even if you were the only one to show up!!!  You were so focused, keen and hard working.  DG misses you!
Avary Dyce- Ivana loves that you are working on your own and always smiling in class, especially now!
Franki and Eden Pothier- You both deserved to be recognized by me for dancer training.  You both SHOW UP each week and go full out, no excuses, you don't stop working until I say stop lol.  SO INSPIRING

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read through, I truly appreciate it!!!
You will start receiving emails as early as Monday in regards to what to expect for your classes in June.  I do apologize adding to your already very BUSY inboxes!!

Send with such tremendous gratitude!


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