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Please read through for details from our recent emails out. Registration is now closed for this season BUT we do have sessions available through Parks and Recreation Nanaimo  250-756-5200

Email Sent March 18th 2019

Good Morning

Just a quick reminder... today is the first day of Spring Break

Studio is CLOSED for all of our regular classes
**There is a spring break camp running all week if you registered through parks and rec in Studios 3 and 4 
**The Friday Parks and Recreation Sessions with Dominique and Kalen/Jacob are running this Friday and next.

I would love to send such gratitude to you all.  I know I say it a lot, but I really am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with your dancers.  I am beyond grateful for your trust in myself and my faculty.  My path through life definitely hasn't been a straight line, and I am and will always be grateful for every twist and turn that guided me to this place.  So thank you thank you thank you and thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful and continued support.

Dancers of the Week!
I have a couple beauties for you- don't forget to grab your Tims card when studio reopens 
Cohen Schick- JP wants you to be acknowledged!
Josh Herle- Victor would like to see you recognized!
Shiloh Lee- Thaiyo would love to recognize you!

March 29th- Don't forget performance level crews at studio 2-5pm. Rehearsal.  $5

Year End Shows- I am working on these and will send it out hopefully this week.  It's up to YOU to catch:
1-if you have multiple dancers all in one piece each... I will try to put in one show...
2-if you have a conflict already on your schedule for Friday June 7th or Saturday June 8th you need to let me know
I am taking 500 dancers and fitting them in to 3 shows... I wish I could do less shows, however the Port Theatre only seats 852 people...  which means if I did just 2 shows, they would sell out and there would be chance not everyone would get to see their dancer.

March 18th to March 31st -Spring Break- Studio CLOSED
March 25th-Growing Curiosity- Contemporary Group at UIMF
March 29th- Rehearsal at studio 2-5pm- ALL PERFORMANCE LEVEL CREWS FOR HIP HOP $5 per dancer AND Animation Station AJ's Crew at UIMF 6pm
March 30th- 1pm session ALL hip hop crews at Beban Park. UIMF
April 1st-6th- First week back after spring break
April 4th and 5th-Artists Emerge- LemonFresh, Royelle
April 13th- Rapture. Vancouver- Day trip to BBOY battle for Thaiyo's Freshest Kids, Victors Nanaimo Breakers and Thaiyo's Tuesday 730pm BBOY tech. Details to come.
April 18th- Cultural Awards- Port Theatre. Royelle Performing
April 19th-22nd- Closed for Easter
April 29-May 5th-CoreDance- All performance level crews
May 10-12th- Monsters of hip hop- Royelle. Vancouver, Washington
May 25th/26th - Next Level Hip Hop- select hip hop crews, Performance Levels.
June 6th-8th- Year End Rehearsals and Shows

Sent with love


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