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What's New

Hello and Wishing you a beautiful Thursday!

STUDIO IS OPEN THIS WEEKEND... the long weekend... lol... just in case you didn't know and hand't seen it in the last few emails.. or in my calendar that was handed out at registration...or in my many emails in the calendar... (yes, I am being a brat!!)

Trying to keep up with technology over here... so if you use Instagram, started a studio account


And of course... we are on Facebook

Dancers of the Week
Would love to recognize the following dancers for their beautiful energy at the studio!!!
Savannah Georgerson, Julia Berkopec, Aili Wilson, Mataya Winter, Catharina Cong, Kennedy Jessome, Claudia Knappett.
Come get your gift cards in the office!!

Year End Info
It's been emailed out to all classes... please don't hesitate to email me with questions or concerns :)

Photos with David Seath
Take place during rehearsals.  You can purchase them there.  Cash, cheque or credit card
$22 for Group Photo that includes solo
$12 for solos

DVD's of year end shows
**reminder to please sit back and enjoy the show, in the moment.  You choosing to film can cause a huge disruption for those seated behind you.  Remember the days of no technology like that and you just went to watch a show? :)

Ben Friday will be filming/editing/duplicating the videos for the year-end performances again. The price is the same as last year at $20 per flash drive or DVD.  As with the previous years, we pre-sell the DVDs/Flash Drives and then produce them all at the end of the summer when the editing is complete.

Order Flash Drives or DVDs online now :

You can order it online and pay on the spot with credit card, or order it online and indicate that you'll bring some cash to the performance for payment. If you choose to pay by cash, all cash must be remitted by June 30th, 2017 or order will be cancelled.

We'll also be accepting orders at the performances as usual.

There's a clear option on the website this year to indicate whether you'd like the flash drive or DVD for the performance(s) of your choice. Just like last year, the DVD is only 'standard definition' (720x480 resolution) while the Flash drive is Full HD (1920x1080 resolution)

Helpers at shows
Still would love some assistance backstage.  Please email if you're interested!!!

That's it for now!!!

much love!

are you ready??????
here we go!!!!
game face on!!!!!
everything happens at the same time!!!!



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