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Email Sent Friday August 16th


Wishing you an incredible Friday :)

I thought maybe it was time to have some fun with social media and create a little contest....  seeing as how so many dancers these days seem to have either Facebook or Instagram... why not potentially get some FREE Vibe stuff???

From NOW until September 1st...  you will have the chance to win...

*a class on me (free dance class?!)
*Vibe Gear (sweats or t shirts or hats)
*gift card to timmies or McDonalds (seeing as how dancers might frequent these establishments)

All you have to do is:

Post a photo in your vibe gear
post a video of you dancing it out 

(IF you don't have Vibe gear... don't worry, post it regardless!!)


@vibrant Studios Ltd
@Vibe Dance Studio

I will be keeping track of EVERYONE that posts and select some winners to be announced by September 1st.

SO.... challenge is ON..... can't wait to see!!
PS- you can do multiple posts... might up your chances...?  ;)

Oh.. and in case you weren't aware...  Registration is open (not like I have broadcast it repeatedly or anything...LOL) You can register online by accessing here:

OR, in person
September 6th 4-7pm
September 7th 1-4pm
AND.. first week back Monday September 9th.

Sent with love and excitement!


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Calendar of Events

September 9th-14th First week BACK

Sunday November 3rd- URBANVIBE. Campbell River.

December 9th to 14th- Last Week of Classes before Winter Break

January 6th-11th- First week back

January Break Battle

February 14th-16th- Battlezone

February 23rdFestival Showcase

March 3-13th UIMF

March 16th-March 29thSpring Break Studio Closed

April 10th-April 13th- Easter Studio Closed

May 2-8- Core Dance

June 4,5,6- Year End Shows

June 8th-13th- Last week of classes

Other Competitions:

Artists Emerge (for those crews ready) and potentially one other.


Congratulations to Royelle : 1st Place Varsity Battle - Artists Emerge Dance Competition

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