Vibrant Studios is Nanaimo's Premier Hip Hop and Break Dance School.


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What's New

September 2017 

The Studio is OPEN and we are still accepting registration for some classes!

Office Hours:

Mondays 3-530pm

Tuesdays-Fridays 3-8pm

Saturdays 930am-2pm

Calendar for season:

Monday, October 9th- Thanksgiving- Studio CLOSED
Sunday November 5th- URBANVIBE- location will be in CAMPBELL RIVER THIS YEAR. $136.50 Cheque- for those dancers in our performance levels.
November 27-December 2- First Parent Participation Week
December- DVC PREMIERE... a la Marc Generoso
Monday December 18th- Make up for Thanksgiving Day Closure
Dec 19-Jan 7- Studio Closed for winter break
Monday January 8th- Studio Opens
January 8-13- Bring a Friend to dance week
February 9,10,11- Battle Zone
March- Festival Showcase- Sunday March 4th 
March 6th-16th- Upper Island Festival- for performance level crews
Monday March 19th-Monday April 2nd- Studio closed for Spring Break and Easter
March 22-25- Artists Emerge...
Tuesday April 3rd- Studio Reopens
April 20th- Greater Victoria Festival
April 23-28- Parent Participation Week
May- Next Level Competition- Vancouver
June 7,8,9- Year End Rehearsals and Shows at Port Theatre
June 11-16th- Last week of classes

Please check out our SCHEDULE page.. our new season is UP!!  

Wondering what classes are?  Go to our CLASSES page!  You will also see our fee schedule there, as well as information about our payment policies AND HANDBOOKS!!  Handbooks are PACKED with info that really helps you out when coming in to a dance studio :)

A heartfelt THANK YOU to YOU for your support, whether is has been 1 year, 3 yrs or 12.... I am SO ETERNALLY GRATEFUL for this community that has grown into more than just a ... dance studio.. it's a support and family environment and I am just so stoked to see you all again in September!!!


250-616-2726- TEXT IS AMAZING!!! EMAIL IS GREAT THESE DAYS as it's quite busy :)


2017/2018 Placements
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