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Here are some fun summer options for your dancers:

Summer Camps

August 10-14th- Break dance/Locking and Hip hop with Thaiyo and Leah


11am-1230pm 6yrs+ $95 for the week

1-3pm 10yrs and up $125 for the week

330-415pm for 3-5yrs with Serra $50 for the week

(prices include GST)

Adult drop ins and for mature dancers ($15 per class). 

Mondays 7pm Cardio Hip Hop myself – learn the hip hop grooves, we learn a groove and repeat it to really get an understanding, eventually get up to around 9-12 grooves in a class, continually moving getting our steady state cardio in.


8pm Contemporary with Kim

If you are interested in this, please join our "Drop in Hip Hop at Vibe"

Sending love, light and gratitude to you!




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Calendar of Events

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Vibe faculty during quarantine!