Adult Dance Classes at Vibe

PLEASE NOTE- we do a FACEBOOK poll every week to determine if classes will run, we need a minimum of 4 to make that happen.  IF you do not have FB, you can text 250-616-2726 and I will confirm with you

Classes marked with a (P) must be registered through City of Nanaimo Parks & Rec. (these will resume in the Fall 2020)

$15 Drop in for IN STUDIO

$10 for ZOOM

Be sure to join our Facebook Group

We post in the group each week to confirm classes are a GO and to check in to see what YOU the dancers are looking for.

For more details you can email Serra.

Break Down of Classes

Fierce Fridays: Come build your confidence and dance with Serra!  Class requirements: clean indoor sneakers, knee pads AND if you want, heels!!  PLUS.. bring your inner badass!!  LETS GOOOO

Cardio Hip Hop: focus on moving the WHOLE time.   Great for any level as focus is on learning hip hop grooves, terminology and movement quality.  A lot of repetition so you are mastering them by the end of class. Super sweaty and FUN

Contemporary/Ballet: with the BRILLIANT Kim Wallace.  For our mature dancers/adults with experience.

Kizomba! It's more than just a dance.

Kizomba is one of the most popular partner dances available, which has exploded world wide in just the last few years. Although it originated in Africa, the version taught here is the more modern one that has evolved out of Europe. Some call it kizomba fusion, some call it urban Kiz. Whatever you call it, it sure is fun!!!

'Kizomba on the Island' has been operating out of Vibe Dance Studio for 2 years now and boasts one of the largest kizomba communities in Canada! If you would like more information please check the Facebook group.

Or email David at

We would love to show you our passion!


Adult Dance Schedule


7:00pm - 8:00pm
Cardio Hip Hop $15 Drop In


8:00pm - 9:15pm
Contemporary/Ballet Open $15 Drop in


7:00 - 8:00pm
Fierce Fridays $15 Drop In