Adult Dance Classes at Vibe

Kizomba! It's more than just a dance.

Kizomba is one of the most popular partner dances available, which has exploded world wide in just the last few years. Although it originated in Africa, the version taught here is the more modern one that has evolved out of Europe. Some call it kizomba fusion, some call it urban Kiz. Whatever you call it, it sure is fun!!!

'Kizomba on the Island' has been operating out of Vibe Dance Studio for 2 years now and boasts one of the largest kizomba communities in Canada! If you would like more information please check the Facebook group.

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We would love to show you our passion!

Adult Hip Hop Dance For July and August

Cardio hip hop with Serra

Mondays 8-9pm in Studio 2

$10 drop in


Adult Hip Hop with Dominique

Thursdays 8-9pm in Studio 4

$12 Drop In