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January 2020


Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday.  As much as I love the snow... it's nice to be open this week lol.  

We have a super exciting event this Saturday that you might want to check out!  Nanaimo City Jam "Junior Breaking Battles". featuring our dancers, vancouver dancers AND pro exhibition battles... so inspiring and such fun!!  
Starts at 1pm

$10 to watch ($35 for family of 4 or more)
$10 to enter battle

AND... an incredible dancer, by the name of Jachai Martinflatt, will be selling baked goods in support of

Kids International Development Society

Be sure to join the Facebook page if you haven't already

Hope to see you there!!

Dancers of the week:

Owen Palmer-Lawson: Victor would love to see you recognized!  You are quiet, brave, excellent at listening, nice to your classmates and have accomplished so many cool moves!!

Skyler Davidson-Dumas: Dominique would love to see you acknowledged as you are always super focused, it's obvious how much you practice at home and you come back each week even better. You are super respectful and it doesn't go unnoticed!


Saturday February 1st

Dancestreams Odyssey Showcase
This is an incredible night of dance, also held at The Port Theatre.  Dancestreams is a youth dance company that has been around for many years now (I want to say 20 years or more) and featured dancers from across the island. Every year they invite studios from across Vancouver Island to perform
Our very own Nanaimo City Breakers (Victors senior BBOY crew from Thursdays 7-815pm)
Will be performing!

Call 250-754-8550

February 7-9 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
Battlezone Vol 9
I can't believe it's been 9 years now... and when you look back at the incredible guests that have come out over the years.... Thank you AJ!!
What is Battlezone?
This is a freestyle battle competition, featuring styles from Animation/Popping, hip hop and all styles.  Honestly a super fun event to even just watch (especially day 2, February 8th, if you are curious, that is the one to check out)
Marissa's Ballet/Tap; Hailey's Hip Hop; Erica's Gymnastics.
February 8th- even is held at Island Optimal Gym- 1881 Dufferin Crescent
February 9th- Workshop is held at the studio

Please join the Facebook group:

We will have updates and such as we get closer.  I wanted to share one of our guest judges though, as he's coming up from LA and honestly, couldn't be more excited!!

GREG Bad Newz Aldana 

He’s the first Latin Krumper in North America, travelling from Los Angeles and he will be the “All styles” judge for BATTLEZONE this season with a special “krump” workshop on February 9th.

 Greg “Bad Newz” Aldana was born in East LA where he was birthed into the Krump world in 2003.  Throughout his marvelous journey he was given the opportunity to be a part of the world-renowned Krump crew the “Krump Kings”, with many well recognized Krumpers such as Big Ryat, Lil C, Miss Prissy, Mijo and he has been around the world & back sharing culture, knowledge and passion for Krump.  This gradually lead to performing with Top Artists like ‪Busta Rhymes, ‪Pussycat Dolls, Cassidy & ‪Fifth Harmony. He founded the “818 Session” which was just the beginning of his influence and contribution.

Greg “Bad Newz” started cutting hair at the age of 18, his ambitions lead him to owning his own Barbershop, “Barbershop Newz”. Providing a space for clean hair-cuts, free dance sessions, creative projects & events. As well as a home for the “Newz Fam”[First Hispanic Krump Fam] to grow alongside other Krumpers & dancers of all styles.

With his passion & perseverance he went on to winning battles at World Of Dance in both Krump & the All styles battle. Also Took the win at Hip Hop international 2018.  His most recent work is not only dancing but also modeling for Banana republic holiday campaign 2019.

“Have fun and respect the dance game. But keep it old school and remember it’s still a battle”.

Check out the link below to see him doing his thing.  CANNOT wait to have him up here

Office hours:

Monday to Thursday 3-8pm

Studio Calendar

January 25th. BBOY battle at studio
February 1st. Dancestreams Odyssey.  Port Theatre.  Nanaimo City Breakers and Royelle performing.
February 7-9th. Battlezone.
February 16th.  Select dancers performing at Retirement Homes
February 23rd.  Ivana's junior ballet compete at NIFPA
February 23rd.  Full studio rehearsal for all hip hop/break/locking/animation crews INFO POSTED IN STUDIOS and EMAILED
February 28th. North Island Festival of Performing Arts- Courtenay. All our performance level crews
March 1st.  Select dancers performing at Retirement Homes
March 3-13th UIMF. first competition for our performance level crews
March 16th-29th. Spring Break Studio Closed
March 30th to April 5th. Artists Emerge competition for Performance Level Crews
April 10th-13th. Studio Closed for Easter
April 18/19. Surrey Festival for performance level crews
May 2nd-8th. Core Dance in Nanaimo. Competition for Performance Level Crews
June 4th, 5th, 6th. Year End Shows at Port Theatre – Please make note of these days… rehearsals and photos happen during the day.. during school hours….
June 8th-13th. Last week of classes
Saturday June 13th. Auditions for next season

Sent with immense gratitude!


Please contact me through email:

 email Serra

For any questions.

Don't forget to follow us

@vibenanaimo OR @serrastewart


Recent Videos

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Apr 24th, 2015

Great piece highlighting the Chi performance
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Sept 8, 2014

Our own Luke McNicoll is training up for a major dance competition in Germany.
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May 22nd, 2014

Serra and Paulina talk to Kait about Neverland.
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Calendar of Events


January 25th.  BBOY battle at studio. 1230-530pm

February 1st.  Dancestreams Odyssey.  Port Theatre.  Nanaimo City Breakers and Royelle Performing.

February 7-9th.  Battlezone

February 7th- No regular classes this day due to Battlezone (Hailey, Marissa and Erica)

February 23rd. North Island Festival of Performing Arts (NIFPA). Ivana's Ballet group.  3pm Session

February 23rd.  In studio rehearsal for all performance level hip hop and break crews.

February 28th- NIFPA  Sid Willams Theatre, Courtenay.  Competition for our performance level crews.

March 3-13thUIMF.  Beban Park.  Competition for our performance level crews

March 16th-29th.  Spring Break Studio Closed

March 30thto April 5th.  Artists Emerge competition for Royelle

April 10th-13thStudio Closed for Easter

April 18th/19th- Surrey Festival of Dance.  Competition for Select Performance Level Crews

May 2nd-8thCore Dance in Nanaimo.  Competition for Performance Level Crews

June 4th, 5th, 6thYear End Shows at Port Theatre – Please make note of these days… rehearsals and photos happen during the day.. during school hours…. 

June 8th-13thLast week of classes

Saturday June 13th- Auditions for next season


Congratulations to Royelle : 1st Place Varsity Battle - Artists Emerge Dance Competition

The first minute of the video is muted because of a copyright infringement claim. Full volume after first minute.