Teachers at Vibe Dance in Nanaimo

We offer dozens of different classes for all ages and abilities including BBOY (break), hip hop, grooving, popping/animation, locking, contemporary technique, jazz technique, ballet technique, gymnastics for dancers and core training. All of this wouldn't be possible without the expertise of our superb dance instructors. 

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Office Manager: 
Dale Stewart - official studio MOM


Serra Stewart - Owner/Director

serra-stewart.jpgSerra has been a dancer all of her life. Her first dancing was done as an infant when she moved her arms and legs in time to her dad’s piano playing! Starting dance classes at the age of 5, she began her on-going study of Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Musical Theater and Hip Hop. She trained first at Bea McLeod’s Ballet School, then to Beat Street Danceworks, Harbour Dancenter (Nanaimo), Kirkwood Academy and Parksville Ballet School. Currently she trains in Hip Hop, Jazz, Street Jazz and Ballet at Harbour Dance Center in Vancouver.

Serra has choreographed awesome hip hop shows for numerous events, including; The B.C. Disability Games, Parksville Sandcastle competitions, The Strongman World Cup Tour, The Adventure Games, Canada Day Celebration, Silly Boat Regatta, New Year’s Eve Celebration, Youth Week Nanaimo and for FAME the World Tour in Nanaimo.

Serra loves dance. It is her passion and she is thrilled to be able to do it everyday of her life!

Ivana Ho


Ivana Ho graduated from The National Ballet School of Prague, Czech Republic before embarking on her career with many ballet companies throughout Europe and Canada including Ontario Ballet Theatre, Ballet BC and Ballet Victoria. She was part of an international cast in the musical The Rocky Horror show with Kaleidoscope theatre and recently choreographed musical Cabaret for local theatre company.

Ivana is an accomplished choreographer creating dance works for films, musicals and dance schools around Vancouver and Vancouver Island. Over the years sher has developed unique approach to her students stemming from strict years in the post-communist Czech Republic and from years of extensive performing and teaching in Canada. She always tries to find ways to bring out individual’s strengths in class and on stage. For videos and more visit www.ivanaho.com

Stewart Iguidez

stu.jpgStewart is an extraordinarily eclectic freestyle dancer and choreographer. He is greatly respected for his dance contribution to the Lower Mainland.

His dance style is the ultimate fusion of urban movement consisting of b-boying, popping, house, new jack swing, tutting, isolation and video dance. A natural entertainer, Stuey Tellar keeps his audiences mesmerized and inspires other local talent with fresh innovative movement.

Stewart started as a b-boy in the mid 90’s before taking interest in hip hop choreography. He has developed his style and skills over the years dancing across North America. Stewart’s classes are high energy fun. He creates a comfortable setting for all levels to learn the latest of urban movement.

Video and Television Credits include: “The Roots”, “Mos Def”, “Black Eyed Peas”, “Michael Bublé”, “Dogg Pound”, Naughty By Nature, and, “SYTYCD” Canada.





Freestyle Session


JP Tarlit

jpo.jpgJP (John Paul) Tarlit is quickly rising to the top as a dancer & choreographer in the Vancouver dance scene. In his career, he has won numerous competitions with his team The Faculty, including World of Dance Vancouver and Artist Emerge in 2011,2012 and 2013, also placing 3rd at the 2013 Body Rody competition in San Diego. JP has taught internationally including in Croatia, Germany and Switerzland and currently teaches drop in classes at both Harbour Dance Centre and Studio604 in his hometown of Vancouver. Always eager to share his passion with the world, JP continues to share with others his love for dance.

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Kim Wallace

kim-wallace.jpgKim Wallace began her early dance and theatrical training in Parksville at the Parksville Ballet School. As a student she furthered her training with the Vancouver Island Dance Company ‘Dancestreams’, Alvin Ailey (New York), The Edge (Los Angeles), Arts Umbrella (Vancouver) and then went on to begin her professional training abroad with London Studio Center (London, UK).

Trained as a triple threat performer, she graduated from Middlesex University, in London, UK with a B.A (Hons) degree in Theatre Dance in 2002 and received the Peter Brinson Award for Excellence in Contemporary Dance with a passion for Modern & Contemporary Dance.

While abroad Kim danced with London Studio Center, Intoto Dance Company and Ballet Rambert (among others), on some of the most famous stages in England as a soloist and company member including The Royal Opera House in London, England.

Upon returning to Canada, she began mentoring, guest teaching and choreographing group and individual works for many students in various festivals and Provincial Competitions, while receiving awards for her modern and contemporary choreography. She has been fortunate to teach at many different Dance Schools, in addition to assisting in local School Districts for their Dance and Theatre Programs, working with High-School Dance Programs and local Vaulting Programs.

Mako Matsui

MakoMatsui.jpgMako began dancing at the age of 4 at the Ballet Studio Eldel in Tokyo. She loves classical ballet although recently she starting training in contemporary ballet. When she was sixteen, she decided to study abroad in Canada. She never gave up on dancing. When she arrived in Nanaimo she joined Vibrant Studios and continued her ballet. She has worked with Ivana Ho and loves the amazing teachers at the Vibrant Studios. Currently she is attending Vancouver Island University and studying for a Business Administration degree. She continues to train in ballet and is excited to share her love of dance with others.

Nicole Pothorin

NicolePothorin.jpgNicole has been dancing since she could walk, but started Hip Hop at age 11. She has trained in various styles such as Jazz, Ballet , and Contemporary. Growing up, she watched her older sister doing Hip Hop at Vibe which inspired her to try it out, and since then, she has never looked back and fell in love with it. Nicole has had amazing opportunities with dance over the years, such as travelling to Italy to compete at the World Hip Hop Championships with Team Canada, and is currently a member of Infinity, which is a varsity crew that trains under TwoFourSeven Company in Vancouver. 

Eric Malapad

The two worlds of freestyle and choreography dance and the people who do these seperate arts have always fascinated Eric Malapad. In his journey he has loved discovering the many styles of music that have given rise to their own dance cultures. This passion has led him to listen and study many styles of music including Hip hop, Jazz, Latin, African and Electronic, to name just a few. In his travels, he has connected with fascinating people from the choreography and freestyle worlds and they have inspired his dance and given him a unique knowledge that he now continues to share after 20 or so years in the music and dance scene.

His love for music and dance has involved him in numerous battles, competitions, hip hop shows (stage and street), concerts, film & television, jams and cirlces with crews, friends and colleagues. It has been Eric's pleasure to dance, teach, assist, battle and educate with some of the best out there. His crew, credits and colleagues include OTI, Now Or Never, Paul Becker, Zach Woodlee, Harbour Dance, K-os, Talib Queli, See Spot Run, Legion and Flash, to name a few.

Dance has also brought him to the arena of teaching in which he is very passionate as well. He tries to remind everyone he teaches that sacrifice, failure and hardship are as much a part of the process of reaching goals as practice, being motivated and dreaming big.

Carlo Atienza

carlo-atienza.jpgCarlo took his first dance class at the age of 19 and hasn’t looked back since. He is one of the most captivating performers to have hit the scene as a choreographer in recent years. He is currently a member of White Chocolate, who won top prize as best professional dance crew in 2006 and has also joined up with 3D dance crew who was awarded Choreographer of the year at Artists Emerge 2008. Carlo hopes to encourage his students to hear music differently so that they may better understand themselves both as dancers and choreographers. He continues to educate and train himself in all styles of hip hop dance whether it be in locking, popping, or house.

He not only draws inspiration from the top choreographers of the west coast, but also from his fellow peers and most importantly his students. “Knowing how to learn is knowing how to grow. Not until we understand how to be inspired can we then inspire.”

Check out some of his work!!

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Faculty- 2014

2nd Place- Body Rock


Faculty – 2013

3rd Place- Body Rock



AJ "MegaMan" Kambere

aj-kambere.jpgAJ has been dancing for seven years and popping for four. He learned hip hop growing up in his neigbourhood and was on the dance team at his school also. He started learning popping from his math tutor AniDoktoR who is a professional dancer in Vancouver. Continuing his career in popping, he eventually learned from the creater of bopping style "Boppin Andre", who helped him get to the level he's currently at. He then branched out and started a dance crew called Heavy Hittaz with crew member Luxurious and have further improved his style in popping. He's been a finalist in competitions, including 'Set it straight 4' in Halifax and won second place at 'World Of Dance Vancouver'. He's travelled all around North America to compete in competitions including New york, Toronto & LA. He currently teaches workshops all 
across the continent, takes part in competitions and loves to spread knowledge to all dancers who want to improve their dance skills.

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B-Boy Thaiyo


B-boy Thaiyo is a world-famous b-boy hailing from South Korea. His crew, "Last For One", came from a small town outside of Seoul, and made a big splash in the mid 2000's. Most notably, winning the International Battle of the Year 2005 in Germany. Thaiyo's crew was highlighted in the feature film "Planet B-boy", that followed the story of each crew that went to Battle of the Year 2005. Thaiyo's style is based off of his belief that a well-rounded b-boy is a good b-boy. He combines style, power, and foundation to create his dance, and passes it on to his students with great enthusiasm.


Battle January 2018


April 2017


Promo Video


Now Or Never


Maiko Miyauchi

maiko.jpgMaiko began her dancing at the age of four, studying at the Ecole de Ballet Classic and Tokyo Junior Ballet. After graduating high school, Maiko chose to pursue her training at Goh Ballet Academy in Vancouver, British Columbia. In an effort to challenge herself even further, Maiko began exploring other dance forms, immersing herself in the local jazz and hip-hop communities while continuing to teach and study at Source Dance Co. and Harbour Dance Centre.

Throughout her career, Maiko has worked and choreographed for artists like Young MC, Elise Estrada, Cory Lee, Econoline Crush, as well as organizations/festivals like the Canadian Football League, New Balance, New Works, Dancing on the Edge, Lululemon, and Native shoes.

She’s also appeared in major motion picture and television projects like Sucker Punch, Once Upon A Time, Hellcats, John Tucker Must Die, The Sorority Wars, Caprica, Impulse, Grave Halloween, Black Sash, and Mirror’s Edge 2. While well-versed in many styles of dance, Maiko’s current focus is contemporary dance. Building upon her work with 605 Collective and the response. dance company, her role as Co-Director of OURO Collective allows her to follow her passion for experimentation and collaboration with other artists.

Elwin Cervantes Alpuerto

elwin.jpgComing from a family of entertainers, it comes as no surprise that Elwin Cervantes Alpuerto spent the majority of his life honing his craft as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer. Having started his 8 years of training at Dream Dance Studio, doors of opportunity were opened for Elwin to travel the world and experience working with world-renowned choreographers. Elwin has learned from industry professionals such as Gil Duldulao, Misha Gabriel, and Marc Marvelous, and has trained under international choreographers Brian Puspos, Shingo Okamoto, April Rodriguez, and Candace Brown.

His training has given him the opportunity to compete at Norway’s Got Talent with The Vibe Team in 2011, as well as teach at local studios in Oslo, Norway, including The Vibe International Dance Studio. Elwin uses his international training and experience to develop his own style of teaching, having spent a total of 7.5 months living and training in Norway, as well as travelling back and forth between LA to develop his dance vocabulary.

Elwin currently teaches at Harbour Dance Centre, and is a member of the internationally competitive company, TwoFourSeven. Elwin takes pride in creating an open environment for his students to explore different concepts and approaches in their own personal development. His proudest moments as a teacher come from seeing the light bulb turn on in a student’s mind, and from watching them mature as dancers, and as people. Bringing his energetic, loud, passionate, and positive vibes to every class, Elwin creates an atmosphere for his students to feel comfortable with being uncomfortable, and takes ultimate pride in cultivating the growth of the dancer’s around him.






Dora Belme

dora.jpgDora Belme or Dora Pop is from the Netherlands, Europe but was born and raised in Hungary. She is an all-round dancer specialized in the style of popping and animation. She has been dancing for 8 years, and trained various styles such as Hiphop, House, Memphis Jookin, Popping, Animation, Modern, and Contemporary. She has been teaching dance workshops in different countries and competing in battles all over the world. She recently won 1st place at Battle of Burien All-styles Competition and What's Poppin' Ladiez?! in Seattle, 2nd place at Nanaimo Battle Zone in Canada, and 3rd place at Elements Battle 7-to-Smoke in London. Her main goal is to inspire, share knowledge and empower. Connecting dance to personal self-expression and raising awareness to creative potential is her ultimate objective.

Jeri Chien

jeri-chen.jpgAs an innovative freestyle and street dancer, Jeri 'Hao2’s dance speaks louder than his words. His dance journey started in 2002 with breakin’, and has been busy ever since. He has grooved out to other style of dance; i.e., Hip Hop, House, and Poppin’, and has branched out further to other medium of Hip Hop, such include graffiti art, deejaying and even beat making. Jeri’s recent dance credits include Vancouver 2010 Olympic center-stage dancer/performer, 1st Place in Rock Da House I & II (Hip Hop/ Experimental), Mighty 4, Ground Zero and many other competitions. You may be able to catch him on Youtube, but it’s by far more inspiring to dance with him.

Vancouver Street Festival 2017


Victor (Savage Rock)

VictorSavageRock.jpgVictor Tran is known as B-Boy Savage Rock. Primarily representing the Now or Never Crew, he has traveled the world from performing on global stages to hitting the darkest ciphers unseen. Sav’s training foundation is based on Gymnastic Disciplines, before beginning his Hip-Hop journey in 2005. His B-Boy style has a strong traditional approach influenced by a mix of contemporary arts and timeless ideas. Savage has also touched on a diverse range of styles and arts that is incorporated into his Breaking, ranging from Funk Styles to Latin Hustle, from Urban Choreography to Poetry. In teaching, he focuses on intersectional concepts. There is a lot of technique and physical conditioning; there is a strategic importance of building upon cultural approaches in Hip-Hop culture; there is an even bigger picture outside of the dance—to be able to critically think for oneself. Any person taking Savage’s classes can expect it to be accessible, low-impact, and yet, challenging. Students will acquire the skills and state of mind necessary to continue their own individual path and develop their own signature style. Savage has been steadily sharing his craft for 10 years on-going.


Thea Poelzer

TheaPoelzer.jpgThea has been dancing since she was five and has been at vibe since it opened. She has trained in various dance styles, such as ballet, contemporary and jazz, but she has fallen in love with hip hop. Thea has become so inspired by her teachers that she has become obsessed with creating visuals and dancing her heart out. She has many awesome ideas and she loves watching those come to life with dance.


DG Hattingh

DG-Hattingh.jpgBio Coming Soon!

Junior Teachers


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Emma Hildebrandt


Anika Trimmer