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Email Sent Monday September 28/20

Some gratitude to you all today.  Thank you to the many of you that voted for my business for the Best in Nanaimo (Nanaimo News Bulletin)
I received first place for "Best Performing Arts School"
And third place for "Best Place to dance" (behind the local bars in town lol)
I truly am grateful for you even taking the time to go thru that process.. so THANK YOU!!!

As the weather starts to get a bit colder, just a few reminders for the studio:

**Please have dancers wear LAYERS (especially as we continue to try and keep the garage doors and front doors a bit open for air flow.  Layers are amazing (t shirts, hoody's, sweat pants, bodysuits covered with sweats and such)

**SHOES- dancers may not wear outdoor shoes on the dance floor.  For hip hop and break dance, they can easily clean off a pair of sneakers, carry them to studio, and change in to please.

Studio Calendar:
Please make note of holidays and such:
Monday October 12th- Studio Closed
Wednesday November 11th- Studio Closed
December 7-12- this is the last week of classes before our Winter Break
January 4-9- this is our first week back for 2021
Monday February 15th- Studio closed for Family Day
March 15-28- Studio closed for Spring break
Friday April 2-Monday April 5- Easter Weekend Studio Closed
June 10-12 - Year End Show Dates

Dancers of the Week
I am shouting out my WHOLE CLASS!!  Wednesdays 4-430pm
This group of 3-4yrs... they follow direction incredibly well and FULL participation.. what?!?!  I am so impressed.. plus, we all like the sound of motorbikes lol
Congrats to you: Owen Cooke, Jenna Didan, Magnus and Xavier Shupe (who dance with us VIA ZOOM), Eden Hanson, Amara Ogamba, Ever Russell, Arwen Rutti, David Umeokeoma
Now let's keep it going :)

We have structured them this year, pro rated, over 9 months.  You will receive reminder emails on the 10th of each month, from October to May.
You can send payments via e transfer to

hank you for such incredible and beautiful support, for showing up, and for NOT showing up when your dancer has any symptoms, thank you!  We will get thru this... dancing... safely distanced... in the most cleanest studios of ALL but actually.... :P

Sending such love and gratitude to you!

50-616-2726. Text is super.. but I will answer my phone... when I am not teaching:)

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Calendar of Events

September 14-19 First Week Back

Monday October 12 Thanksgiving Studio Closed

Wednesday November 11 Remembrance Day Studio Closed

December 7-12 Last week of classes before winter break

January 4-9 First week back in 2021

Monday February 15 Family Day Studio Closed

March 15-28 Spring Break Studio Closed

Monday March 29 First day back after Spring Break

April 2 to Monday 5 Easter Studio Closed

June 10-12 Year End Shows (MAYBE???)

Vibe faculty during quarantine!