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Amazing news!

We have been given the go ahead to open :)  Studio will be open for IN STUDIO Friday December 4th.  We will be adding a temperature check at the door, the rest of our protocols are in alignment with what is required.  AND, clothing order is in and ready for pick up!!!!  Sadly, we will have to continue our adult classes via zoom for the time being.. unless we get an update!

We will continue to offer zoom for those not comfortable coming in. Please note for those of you that "paused" please confirm you will be jumping back in (we will be in touch most likely)

And please note, our last official week of classes is next week, December 7-12th
For those wondering about fees, just reminder we take the total amount for the whole season (September to June) and divide it evenly into 9 equal payments.

The fun protocol stuff:
*no spectators in the studio (with little ones, please parents wear a mask when you come in)
Our Vancouver faculty will continue on teaching via zoom.... i really hope we will see them come January.

*dancers may not enter if showing any of the following signs or symptoms:
**New onset of cough                      
**difficulty swallowing           
**runny nose
**Worsening chronic cough              
**shortness of breath            
**Sore throat             
**difficulty breathing                        
**nasal congestion                 
**Hoarse throat                                 
**sneezing (not allergy related)         
**unexplained fatigue or malaise
**new loss or decrease in sense of taster or smell


Do not enter if you have travelled or have had close contact with anyone who has travelled OUTSIDE OF BC in the past 14 days.


Do not enter if you have had close contact with anyone with respiratory illness or a confirmed or probable/suspected case of COVID-19 




Dancers sanitize immediately upon entering studio and upon exiting


Dancers change out of outdoor shoes


Dancers stand socially distanced (6 feet) from one another on taped spots


Teacher instructs from taped spot that is at least 9 feet away from dancers


Teacher wears mask when needing to walk thru dancers etc 


Studio is disinfected between every class using a bleach solution 


All dance floors, railings, door handles, sinks, toilets (anything touched)


Studio is aired out (garage door opened wide as well as front door, during cleaning between classes)  During class, we keep one door slightly open for air flow.  Fans always on.


Masks- optional for dancers to wear


***Each studio is separate from the next, containing it’s own bathroom facility
***Dancers do not cross between studios without first sanitizing and waiting to be allowed to enter (once space has been disinfected)

Sending such gratitude to you all!  Thank you for hanging in there.. and i look forward to seeing you in the studio OR on zoom soon!!!




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Calendar of Events

September 14-19 First Week Back

Monday October 12 Thanksgiving Studio Closed

Wednesday November 11 Remembrance Day Studio Closed

December 7-12 Last week of classes before winter break

January 4-9 First week back in 2021

Monday February 15 Family Day Studio Closed

March 15-28 Spring Break Studio Closed

Monday March 29 First day back after Spring Break

April 2 to Monday 5 Easter Studio Closed

June 10-12 Year End Shows (MAYBE???)

Vibe faculty during quarantine!