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Studio email sent July 26/21

Good Morning to you

Wishing you an amazing day today and every day :)

Registration is open and going well, so THANK YOU for that!!  Reminder, for payments the best way is e transfer

This way, no convenience fees for you!

If you haven't already, please check out @vibenanaimo on Instagram, as each week I am selecting a winner and applying money to your account!!!

1 week ago: Elizée $50 on her account
This past week: Katerina $25 on her account

I have posted today which requires you to answer the question!  Check it out!!  Awesome footage of our very own Cody Ridley, performing with his crew Footlcan from 2012.  You have to guess what style of dance Cody first trained in.

And calling all adult hip hop and street jazz dancers!  This is our last week of our current session, and starting next week would love to offer a short 4 week session, but we need to know who is in.  As we head in to August I expect to cut classes, so please let me know ASAP if there is a class you want to be in.

Mondays 7-745pm Adv Hip Hop with me
Tuesdays 7-8pm Open level hip hop with Marina
6-7pm Street Jazz with Genevieve
715-8pm Intermediate hip hop with me
Thursdays 715-815pm Open level hip hop with Cody
Fridays 715-8pm Beginner hip hop with me

AND... you can check out our adult page on our website to see the fun stuff coming for you!!

Sending gratitude to you today and every day...  i truly appreciate your support, reading the emails (or essays lol), and bringing your dancer (s) to the studio OR bringing yourself!!  THANK YOU

So much love

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Calendar of Events

September 13-18 First Week Back

Monday October 11 Thanksgiving Studio Closed

Thursday November 11 Remembrance Day Studio Closed

December13-18 Last week of classes before winter break

January 10-15 First week back in 2021

Monday February 21 Family Day Studio Closed

March 14-25 Spring Break Studio Closed

Monday March 28 First day back after Spring Break

April 15 to 18 Easter Studio Closed

June 6-11 Last week of classes

June 18 - Hip Hop Crew Auditions

Vibe faculty during quarantine!