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June 2024

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Registration will open AUGUST 1st for our Season 19 (Sept 2024-June2025)

New schedule will be up mid July


Currently we have, Heels, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Pole for you.  Check out our adult classes page


I posted this on social media, but wanted to email as well.  Please have your dancer read when you get a moment, or read with them:

Firstly. I am grateful your dancer wants to take it to the next level. I understand this is a big commitment, and can be challenging to balance school, work, life and dance. Truly. I am thankful that your dancer wants more.

My expectations

Dancers are all placed in their levels based on what we see in the studio, all teachers have input to the decision. We look at work ethic, focus, how they spend their time in class, how they interact with others, and where they are at physically (can they execute movement specifically how it needs to be done). Do they get distracted by their phones ?  We looked at their history of dance in the studio 

(Of course for new dancers we have you come in September and assess you. Then place you to the best of our ability). 

IF a dancer isn’t happy with placement I challenge them to look inside. Look at how they have showed up in the last season. Or look at their technical abilities. And be honest. Can you match that dancer that might be in a higher level. Are you truly there yet?  And if not, then what can you do?  Do you ask teachers for feedback at all?  Ask them what you need to work on?  I challenge you (dancer) to really be honest with yourself, and instead of thinking “I want that” maybe “I am going to EARN that”. 

Arrival times- I completely understand that parents do their best to get to studio. I know you have to balance your work, other kids activities, traffic and such. So arriving late isn’t a problem, just let us know. We get it. 

However if dancers are making that CHOiCE to arrive late on their own, we will take note of it. 

Working with others. 

Let me be clear, dancers are placed in their classes, so expectations are that they show up and are kind to their fellow dancers. Period. There is no excuse for anything less than that. I never have expected dancers to be best friends, but I do expect them to show up and show kindness to all. I do expect them to support one another. I do expect them to help another dancer out if they’re struggling in class. I do expect them to be inclusive of all in their class. Always. 

IF a dancer has any issue, and cannot handle on their own, I expect them to come to me. I cannot help you, if I don’t know about it. Please don’t be silent. Again, some can handle their own and have the conversations and move forward. Awesome. But many this isn’t the case 

My number one goal has always been to provide a safe space. That is all. But I cannot help, if I am not communicated with. 

I will always do my best to deal with any situation that is presented. But I also know, that I don’t always do what maybe others think would have been the best. I will try my hardest though. I promise you. And I know that all my faculty are on the same wave length here. They want dancers to feel safe in their classes always. 

Social media groups or snap chats etc

IF dancers choose to make their own little chat groups, this has nothing to do with myself or studio. I cannot monitor 100’s of chats. It’s just not possible

We do create groups for classes that I am apart of to make sure it’s all good. Side bar, I think I am in 100s of groups from over the years haha. 

Dancers. Be kind. Period. In this world, now more than ever, that is what is needed.  If a dancer has missed a few classes, instead of making snap judgments, maybe a check in. Are you ok?  I know for me personally last year I kept getting sick. Ughh. I even thought there was something wrong with me, until my doctor said “if I was in close contact with 500 people each week, I would be just as sick”. Fingers crossed I’m stronger this year haha. 

Anyways, that’s just it. Some do get sick, and we encourage all to stay away when that happens. 

We also don’t know what their mental struggle might be. So saying “hey, I missed you today” could make a huge difference for someone struggling. You just don’t know.  

Those dancers struggling with anxiety or depression. I get it. I see you. From my years of experience what I can share is this. 

Show up. It might feel like you’re forcing yourself. But show up. The severity of my depression, I didn’t fully grasp. I just knew, that it wasn’t an option to not be at the studio. Always. There were days where leaving the house were exhausting. In fact recently my doctor shared it wasn’t surprising that I felt I needed to nap each week. That mental battle was exhausting. 

But when I got to the studio it all just left. (For the most part. I still have my days). I wasn’t at all big on socializing outside of studio. That was too much. But man, this studio most certainly saved me in many ways. 

All I can say is that if you have something you’re passionate about (and I hope it’s dance for you) that if you show up. It honestly will help you feel better. Believe me. 

Finally. I am here for you. I live my life to serve. That is and has always been my purpose. I will never take for granted the huge trust that you put in myself and my faculty.  

Thank you

Thank you for letting me be apart of your lives. Thank you for letting me be there when you feel vulnerable or weak. Thank you for your trust in me. Always. 

Can’t wait to get back to studio and get all the hugs (now my body is like .. crap. We need to get strong again haha)




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  • June 20- Performance at Night Market 7pm
  • July 1st- 3pm Performance at Maffeo for Canada Day
  • July 7- Release Dance Competition- mmmmm
  • July 21st- Silly Boat Regatta- Performance
  • August 1st- Registration OPENS for Season 19
  • September 6th- 630pm- Parent meet for PERFORMANCE LEVEL Dancers
  • September 9-14- First week BACK
  • September 30- Truth and Reconcilliation- Studio CLOSED
  • October 14- Thanksgiving- Studio CLOSED
  • November 11- Remembrance Day- Studio CLOSED
  • December 16- Studio CLOSED start of winter break
  • 2025
  • January 6- Studio OPENS after winter break
  • February 17- Family Day- Studio CLOSED
  • March 17- start of Spring Break- Studio CLOSED
  • March 31- Studio OPEN after spring break
  • April 18-21- Studio CLOSED for Easter
  • May 17-19- Studio CLOSED for May Long Weekend
  • June 5-7- Year end shows/rehearsals/photos
  • June 14- AUDITIONS for our performance levels


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