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June 2024

Stay tuned-

Registration will open AUGUST 1st for our Season 19 (Sept 2024-June2025)

New schedule will be up mid July

Studio Email June 24, 2024

Just a few little updates for you!  I think I am finally no longer zombie like… lol…. But just FULL of such gratitude to YOU.

SHOUTOUT to YOU dancers that performed at the Night Market… as per usual community fun event… they moved our location and offered a space of 8x8… for 20 dancers…LOL.  BUT.. you all rose to the challenge as we moved tables…. Signs...flags….  And put up our good old yellow caution tape.  What I love at these events… is the crowd you ALWAYS draw.. struggling to see you.  The energy and vibe just radiates… and you genuinely look like you have so much fun. Take note events.. you should be putting these guys in a big space… and honestly elevated… because the crowds get so large.  PROUD… yup!!!!

1. Lost and Found

2. Video Links

3. Photos from David


5. Canada Day Performance- Maffeo Sutton park

1. Lost and Found

We have quite a few items

I am in studio Mondays 530-830pm for next 3 weeks, if you want to pop in and check it out shoot me a text 250-616-2726


You are more than welcome to still order video links from year end shows!

$30 per show- e transfer to serra@vibrantdance.com

In memo put dancer name and show

“John Smith- Friday 6pm”

3. Photos from David

I will usually receive these at end of summer.  Will send an email your way to let you know about pick up


You can still sign up for….

**HEELS with Heather- Thursdays 7-8pm. Runs to July 11th

**Contemporary with Hanna- Fridays 645pm.  Runs to July 12th

**POLE- new sessions start up NEXT WEEK (Mondays July 8)

TRIAL POLE this Friday June 28th- 545pm

HIP HOP- My monday class is currently full, runs to July 8 (there is class July 1st)

If you are KEEN to have another option of hip hop, let me know,  I would be happy to do another fun class :). But do need at least 5 humans (preferably more cause it’s a party haha)


Just a reminder for performing on Canada Day- next Monday July 1st

Dancers arrive 215pm. Perform 3pm. Location- Maffeo Sutton park

**Not exactly sure where the stage will be located, in past it’s been on right side of the lagoon (when facing out to the water). Right side of the bridge.

Allow time for parking- may need to drop dancers off then go find parking :)

Dancers wear their vibe jerseys and black bottoms please

sssss.  Leena and Leeya.  Mya and Charlie.  Grace.  Mya.  Deeya


Arrive 1015am.  Perform 11am.  Location Maffeo Sutton park.

sssss.  Landen.  Mya and Charlie.  Briar.  New Era


Sent with gratitude

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Calendar of Events


  • June 20- Performance at Night Market 7pm
  • July 1st- 3pm Performance at Maffeo for Canada Day
  • July 7- Release Dance Competition- mmmmm
  • July 21st- Silly Boat Regatta- Performance
  • August 1st- Registration OPENS for Season 19
  • September 6th- 630pm- Parent meet for PERFORMANCE LEVEL Dancers
  • September 9-14- First week BACK
  • September 30- Truth and Reconcilliation- Studio CLOSED
  • October 14- Thanksgiving- Studio CLOSED
  • November 11- Remembrance Day- Studio CLOSED
  • December 16- Studio CLOSED start of winter break
  • 2025
  • January 6- Studio OPENS after winter break
  • February 17- Family Day- Studio CLOSED
  • March 17- start of Spring Break- Studio CLOSED
  • March 31- Studio OPEN after spring break
  • April 18-21- Studio CLOSED for Easter
  • May 17-19- Studio CLOSED for May Long Weekend
  • June 5-7- Year end shows/rehearsals/photos
  • June 14- AUDITIONS for our performance levels


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