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Year End SHOWS- Have you got your tickets yet????

Studio Email Sent May 20/2022

I just wanted to share the updates for all of our ADULT classes... some exciting things coming up, and continuing on into the fall.  Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions :)  This is for all our adult dancers... current.. past... those ready to JUMP IN!!!
I never dreamed of having an adult program in my studio... and thanks to the last 2 years, it has happened.  Some of the most fun I have had.. is dancing with my adult classes out in the parking lot (even though it might have hurt the body lol)... OR dancing in studio with my unedited music... and unedited self haha!!  I am truly grateful to have you in the space... so THANK YOU!!!!!!

For any of the "Drop In" options, we do need to hear from you usually at least 24hrs prior.  Our program isn't large enough where we just hope someone shows up, so best to either:

Email serra@vibrantdance.com
text 250-616-2726
For payment, it's e transfers to serra@vibrantdance.com

Open Training Pole with Karleena

$25 drop in- keep up your Pole training and technique until our classes start up again!  Save your spots now.
May 27 6pm
June 3 6pm

***Pole moved to Mondays with Erica***
Starts June 13 to Julye 11 (5 week session)

$92 per session for 5 classes
430-530pm intro Climb
545-645pm Intro aerial
7-8pm Intro Pole
815-915pm intro to Inverts

Shai is BACK!!!
Starts Sunday June 19th to July 17th (5 week session)
$92 per session
11am Pole Classique
Come slink around the pole in this class using classic stripper style choreography.  Learn a few new tricks to put in your pole repertoire.  Must be able to invert and do a pole assisted handstand.

1230pm Aerial Combos
Put what you've learned to the test in this class.  Using the 5 weeks to build on the basics of pole and string them together in a combo. Must have a solid inside/outside leg hang and shoulder mount to attend this class.

Open Modern with Kim Wallace Starts June 15th and runs thru summer
Drop in (text to confirm)
Wednesdays 8pm (usually 90min in length)

Adult Cardio Hip Hop with Serra running thru July
**Mondays Advanced 7-45pm…or8pm..or 1 more song lol…
Current session ends June 13th
Next 6 week session June 20-July 25

**Wednesdays Intermediate 715-8pm or later
Current session ends June 15th
Drop in currently available
Next 6 week session June 22 to July 27 

BHANGRA!!  With Sukhi Sangha!!  SO EXCITED to have her joining us

Tuesdays June 14 thru to July 5th

630pm Kids
730pm Adults
4 classes for $64
Drop in $20

Adult Ballet with Serra and Jen Experience required
Thursdays 730pm DROP IN $15
Starts June 23rd

Heels class with Serra- Mondays
I will be holding random drop in classes after the year end show… so if you're interested, let me know!
Potential for more.. see how we go :)

If there is a style not here that you WANT.. let me know and I will work to find it.  We hope to have Bellydance back in the fall as well...:)

Thank you, sending positive vibes and gratitude always

Sending so much love and gratitude always!!

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June 9 and 10- Dress Rehearsals and Photos at Port Theatre

June 11- 2pm and 7pm shows at The Port Theatre

June 8th Last day of classes for youth

June 18 - Hip Hop Crew Auditions- 12-3pm

July 1st- Performance at Canada Day

July 2/3- Battlezone- 10yrs anniversary!

July 17th- Performance at Silly Boat Regatta

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