Adult Classes

To register, please email or text 250-616-2726.  

TRIAL POLE- Friday October 20. 530-630pm  A chance to check this pole thing out!!!

New Schedule is UP

Registration is OPEN for adults!

Serra's Wednesday 6-645pm Beginner/Inter class FULL for this round.

WORKSHOP- Saturday October 14th 4pm


Cumbia is a dance form originating in Colombia over 200 years ago. A product of indigenous, West African and Spanish influences, cumbia has has become over the years one of the most prominent dance forms in all of Latin America. The traditional clothing worn, know as "la Pollera" is used by the women dancers with "faldeo" movements. 
In this workshop you will learn both the foundational foot work and "faldeo", as well as choreography. This class is open to all genders and is best suited to people 12 and up.

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  • Be sure to stay home if experiencing any symptoms of cold or flu

Adult Class Fees (all fees include GST)

Insurance fee for the season
Due Annually) 
Pole Classes 1 session (6 classes) $115.50
Hip Hop  w/ Serra 45min $98 -7 classes
Hip Hop w/Serra 60min $105-7 classes
Class  with Genevieve, Eric, Jacksun 

$96-6 classes

$112-7 classes

Ivana Ballet Fitness 75min class                    $140- 7 classes
Drop in to ANY class $25
Please note Pole Sessions are progressive.  The intro to Pole session cannot be dropped into due to too much valuable information being taught in each class.  As you move higher in levels, and we see your technique getting solid, you will have more leniency to drop in.  Keep in mind though, to really progress in this style, consistency is key.


Intro to Inverts (L3)
7:15-? #onemoresong
Advanced Cardio Hip Hop


Street Jazz Beg/Interm
Street Jazz Inter/Adv
Hip Hop and Choreography


Hip Hop Beginner/Interm
Hip Hop Open Level


Adult Ballet Fitness


Open Pole
Intro to Pole (L1)


Intro to Climb (L2)
Intro to Aerial and Combos (L4)

Adult Dance Classes

Street Jazz w/ Genevieve Caron Tuesdays

2 Levels.  615pm Beginner-Intermediate. 720pm Inter-Advanced

Good warm up, some technique exercises from jazz and hip hop styles.  Conditioning with a feel good stretch and then a super fun combo.  Think back up dancer for Janet Jackson style :)

Adult Ballet Fitness with Ivana Thursdays 715-830pm

It will be combination of ballet technique and athletic conditioning to improve coordination, overall strength and flexibility based on individual needs. No tutu and tights required. Find muscle tone and flexibility through ballet movement. These classes will make your core stronger and hamstring more flexible!  Taught by Ivana Ho, 25 yrs of experience in dance, fitness and music. Master degree student at Palucca University Of Dance. 

"Leg and core strength, balance training, fast footwork and coordination, body awareness ad injury prevention, discipline and confidence are the key traits necessary to achieve success in hockey".

Advanced Cardio Hip Hop.  Mondays 715pm - #onemoresong

Great for any level as focus is on learning hip hop grooves, terminology and movement quality.  A lot of repetition so you are mastering them by the end of class. Great for Intermediate to Advanced Levels.  Goal is to dance for the whole song, then take a break and repeat!

Beginner to intermediate. Hip Hop with Serra 6-6:45pm

Break it down, move at a slower pace.  Start to learn the grooves and terminology.  Super fun, similar to the Cardio Hip Hop idea.



Trial Class

Not sure about pole?  In this 60min class, test the waters with no commitment and learn the basics of pole dance.  Work up a sweat to some rad tune-age and fall in love this this sport.  $25.

What to Bring:

All classes: water, yoga mat, knee pads, pole shorts, towel and grip aid (we will have this available for purchase as well). Mask optional (recommended if comfortable wearing). No jewelry, no lotion day of on body (slippery lol).

Exotic: knee pads, pleasers or socks and sass.

Pole Classes

Intro to Pole Level 1

Come one, come all!  This class if for everyone!  You heard it... Everyone!  Geared towards people with zero experience, you learn the basics of pole and what muscles to recruit to safely glide your fine self around the pole.  Not feeling graceful?  Not feeling strong enough?  Well friend, we have heard it all.  That stuff will come with practices, so no more excuses and come down for some "lolz",  good vibes and the support of great people.

Intro to Climbing Level 2
(Must complete Intro to Pole)

This class is for people with a little pole experience, who would like to start their journey up the pole, developing the strength needed to climb to the very top!!  There is nothing else like it.  This class includes conditioning to get those muscles nice and strong, allowing you to get where you need to be.  Nothing gives us greater pleasure than to see you succeed, and remember, pole takes time.  You will not get to the top on the first day, so please be nice to yourself, show up ready to have fun, and let us help you.

Intro to Inverts Level 3
(Must be able to climb to the top of the pole)

Congratulations, you have made it to the top!!  Now, the real fun begins; time to get upside down on that pole.  We know what you're thinking, but no need to be scared as in this class you will learn how to SAFELY and effectively invert on the pole.  We will give you a comprehensive, step by step road map to get you there, so don't fret!  Keep at it and pretty soon you will be hanging around!!

Heels Basics - not currently offered

“Want to learn the basic techniques behind the Shoes?

Come Join Shai for a beginner saunter around the pole where you can slink and slide in style.  Must have completed intro to pole to register.  Pleaser heels optional"

Pole Classique 

Come slink and slide around the pole in this class using classic stripper style choreography.  Learn a few new tricks to put in your pole repertoire  Must be able to invert and do a pole assisted handstand to attend this class.

intro to Aerial and Combos Level 4

Put what you've learned to the test in this class.  Using the 5 weeks to build on the basics of pole and string then together in a combo.  Must have a solid inside/outside leg hang and shoulder mount to attend the class.