Youth Classes


We offer classes to all age groups. This page contains a summary of all of the different sorts of classes we teach under our roof. Check out the Schedule page for details about which classes are offered when.

Fees are based on the number of hours per week the student attends the school.  View our page on Rates for detailed rates info. 

Classes are subject to cancellation if there are less than 5 dancers registered in a class. This will be at discretion of teacher and studio.


All classes are COED, unless it says specifically for girls or boys.  Our studio is all inclusive, so you may select the class you feel best suits your dancers goals and aspirations OR connect with myself to find the best fit (Serra)

Audition Only - These are performance level crews that dancers audition to get in to every season in June.  Please contact Serra directly if you are looking at this option

VIBE CREW- Classes for those dancers that have done a minimum of 1 year of hip hop.  Available for ages 4yrs and up.  We offer many options throughout the week and you only need to commit to one class per week getting to perform in our year end shows.

TECH- refers to classes that focus specifically on the technique of that style of dance.  Most do NOT perform in year end show, except for (BBOY/Break Tech Classes with Sevrin and sometime Eric Tech classes)

TEEN- geared towards 12yrs and up

INTRO- introduction to specific style of dance

3yrs+, 4yrs+ - This is open to new dancers as an intro option and also those that have danced before in the studio.  

Looking for Adult Dance Classes?? 
Click here for Adult Hip Hop, Adult Ballet Fitness, Pole Dance, Street Jazz, Heels, Musical Theatre and Contemporary info

Be sure to check out Parks and Recreation. Nanaimo for the sessions that are coming up!

Hip Hop - Nanaimo Parks & Rec

This is an excellent opportunity for those looking for introductions to Hip Hop without a year-long commitment.

All classes held on Fridays at Vibrant Studios

Contact 250-756-5200 to register

Performance Levels

These classes are for dancers wanting to take their training to the next level. They have required classes they need to attend to be apart of this side of the studio.

Hip Hop 

  • 2 Technique classes in Hip Hop Tech with Eric and Chris and/or Jacksun
  • Dancer Training with Serra - focusing on flexibility, core conditioning and cardio work for dancers. 
  • Choreography class with Carlo, Jacksun, Chris.

They have the opportunity to compete in 1 or more festivals and/or competitions. We are also active in the community with lots of performance opportunities!! 

Technique Classes

**These classes do not perform in year end shows, unless teacher decides otherwise**

We offer a variety of technique classes for dancers wishing to expand their dance knowledge and become more versatile.

For ages 7yrs and up : Technique classes for Hip Hop, Popping/Animation, ballet.