Island Health Risk Mitigation Plan

Vibrant Studios Ltd. (Vibrant Dance)
1969 Boxwood Road, Nanaimo, BC
May 22, 2020

Controlling Access
Teachers and/or assistants to monitor students coming in the doors off Boxwood Road as well as pre-clean (sanitize) for their own class. Monitor departure at the end of class through rear fire access on each studio.

One part bleach to 100 parts water made up in bulk then stored in spray bottles in each studio.

Facility Sanitation
Staff to wipe down barres, pony walls, sound equipment, washroom door, sink and toilet, and entry/exit door handles and floors before each class. 10-15 minutes breaks have been incorporated between the classes to allow for this

Hand Hygiene
Hand sanitizers located at entrance and exit to studio (wall mounted). Additional sanitizers in each studio at sound stations as well as in office. Hand washing stations provided in washroom for each studio.

Physical Distancing
Minimum 1 staff member in each studio. Maximum number of students determined by the number of 25 ft2 personal dance areas (PDA’S) in each studio. Dance spots marked with tape at 6 ft intervals.

"Do not come in if unwell" sign placed at front and back of each studio. "Physical distancing" sign placed at front and back of each studio. "Hand Hygiene" Poster at every hand sanitizer station and in every bathroom at the sink.

Managing Students

  • Parents to be provided with requirements for attendance at all class sessions.
  • Email sent out weekly to remind parents that students may only attend if healthy. Any dancer showing any signs of illness will not be allowed in space.
  • Payment encouraged by Paypal or E-transfer.
  • Teacher to monitor and encourage use of PDA’s. Assistants will monitor classes being taught by Zoom
  • PDA defined by tape on studio floor (5x5 ft dance area) separated by 6 ft social distance spacing
  • Students arrive for class wearing street shoes and carrying dance shoes. Change shoes before entering dance floor
  • Washrooms only used for bathroom breaks and hand washing
  • Students bring own water bottle and keep on edge of PDA along with other belongings. No sharing of water bottles and any water bottles left in the studios will be discarded
  • No food or beverages to be sold or given out on premises
  • Students will not be allowed access to other studios through interior doors. They must go outside the rear exit and the re-enter the studio through the Boxwood door

Managing student entry points
X’s painted at 6 ft intervals on sidewalks outside the studios on Boxwood side. Colour coded for each of studios. Studio 1 Yellow, Studio 2 Pink, Studio 3 Purple, Studio 4 Orange.

Staff Health
Staff guidelines to emphasize not working if sick. Staff indicate their wellness when reporting for work. Subs to be arranged if showing signs of illness.


Thank you to all of our great students and parents!