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Email Sent May 12/21


Wishing you a wonderful, rainy day!!  Just a few quick things!!

1. Social media- I am going to start offering up some fun prizes again (took a bit of a break there....but I'M BACK)
Currently, check out my personal instagram page @serrastewart.  Comment on the recent photo with the "BEST CAPTION" you can think of!!  Winner will receive... $100.. YUP.  All you got to do is comment, and have a dancer in my studio OR be a dancer in my studio.  I have always enjoyed giving back (in all honesty I believe my life purpose is to serve) and PLUS, need some fun and light energy out there more than EVER

2. Adaptive dance
We have a wicked opportunity coming up with Emma Salisbury
We are offering 2 free classes with her:
Thursdays, June 17 or 24 2-230pm
This is specific for ages 3-6yrs 
Emma is a 21 year old child and youth care student at VIU. She has attended Canada’s National Ballet School and has loved dance since she was 5. At the age of 15 she was diagnosed with lupus causing a stroke which paralyzed the entire left side of her body. She continues to volunteer and give back to her community when she can amongst the difficulties that come with being paraplegic. Emma is a role model and wants to share her love for dance with others who may be differently abled physically. 

**as well, once we get the update from the PHO about indoor classes, I will be starting up my FREE adaptive dance that I run for teens to adults.  Currently it runs on Wednesdays 3-330pm, however I am open to other times and such!!

3. Our final week for our youth program
June 7-12th

4. Auditions for our performance levels in HIP HOP
Saturday June 19th
$15 per dancer (OR per family)

5. Parking lot hip hop!!!
Our next session just started this week!!!  SO FUN
I do have space in the Tuesday 7-8pm with Marina (1 spot currently)
1 spot left in my advanced Monday evening 7-745pm

I cannot believe it is now May... I am sure all of you are feeling that?!  This year... this everything has been so heavy, and hard for everyone.  The fact that you continue to show up, and support, by bringing your dancers to the studio OR getting them motivated to dance on zoom, OR showing up for yourself and dancing in the parking lot OR waiting patiently to be allowed back in the space and work on your pole skills.... I cannot thank you enough.  The gratitude I feel, is next level.  

Thank you for your kindness
Thank you for your support
Thank you for your trust
And thank you for being YOU

See you at the studio... or on ZOOM!!



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