DVC 2014

Videos to come soon

From the creator, Marc Generoso : WHAT IS THE DVC PROJECT?

The Dance Video Collection 2014 (or DVC 2014 Project) is an anthology of dance videos produced, directed, choreographed, and edited by Marc Generoso. It features the amazing students from Vibrant Dance Studios – based in Nanaimo, BC (Canada). All 10 dance films were shot in May and June of 2013 and were edited by 3 filmmakers (Marc Generoso, Wyldie Maxwell, and Ben Holden).

The dance choreography was from their 2012-2013 dance competition season and was re-adapted for film, integrating a small narrative, and incorporated acting. With only one completed year of film school at Capilano University, Marc applied the film techniques and practices that were taught, using the open minded families from Vibrant Dance Studios as a film experiment.

The goal of the DVC project is contribute more value in the art of dance, promote dance within the youth, and involve the parents and supporters that invest the time and money into their children’s dance endeavours, making them part of experience as well.