Studio Rental

Location: 1969 Boxwood Road in Nanaimo

We're currently looking for tenants to rent out space on an hourly basis. There are many hours of the day when our studios are not in use.

Each studio features :

  • Top-of-the-line sound systems, CD Players with PAs, Mixers and Subwoofers
  • Basket-weave, Sprung floors
  • Two-piece washrooms

We offer an incentive, a sliding fee schedule, so you can develop your classes and not have to pay full price... :)

Studios 1 & 4

$46 / hour

Studios 2 & 3

$52 / hour

Vibrant Studios is available for Birthday Parties too!

Includes two instructors, party games and more. Food and drink are ok on the dance floor. The first half of the party will be run much like a dance class, followed by the second half where you can do cake, treats, party games and so on. Let us know what type of music your dancer likes, so we can cater it towards YOU!!  Lots of fun for ages 3 and up.

  • Can accommodate up to 10 dancers and that's it (COVID)
  • Hosted on Sundays (due to schedule being full Monday to Saturday)
  • Recommend no parents watch the first half of party (except birthday parents) if you want more focus. That being said we get it... If parents all want to be there that works too, just minimal learning on the dance end LOL
  • We have tables and chairs in the space
  • Your party host will contact you a week prior, and review everything you might want, as well as showing up early to facilitate set up/decorations and so on

Birthday Party Rental Rate

$275 / 2 hours

GST included